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rob ieva
rob ieva
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Piano driven film music
Coronation of the King
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A Tribute
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Marching Onward - remix
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The Day After
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I've been playing piano since I was six years old, and writing music since I was seventeen. I graduated from the University of Miami's School of Music in 1995. I moved back to New York after college and played at local bars and restaurants. After living in New York for several years playing and sending my demo to every record label known to mankind I moved to Boston. There I wrote the music for an animated film that was showcased at the sigraph computer animation festival. At the same time I created a page on mp3.com in the film music genre. I recieved excellent feedback on mp3.com and my songs ranked in the top 10 film music song charts (out of several thousand songs) for several weeks in a row. MP3.com became the vehicle from which I would recieve a recording contract that I should never have signed. Hexagon Records out of Pittsburgh offered me a small record deal that sounded great. It seemed like a great little indie that was going to give me total creative control and seemed to really want to back their artists. Unfortunately nothing good came of this deal, other than a spot on an interesting compilation album. They never released the cd and I don't think I was the only one that experienced this. Luckily through the use of a good lawyer the only thing I lost out on was time. During this time I really took a good look at my what I was trying to accomplish and tried to figure out just where my music fits. Film and television. I try to set a mood with my music and I aim for it to serve as a wordless narrative. My focus is to license my music for use in film and television. I hope you enjoy and please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason whatsoever.
Your musical influences
I was trained classically, so much of what I write has a lot to do with the music I've played throughout the years. Beethoven, Grieg, Debussy, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and others. However I started writing music after listening to George Winston's "Autumn" CD. His music really moved me and inspired me to write. Unfortunately, I had limit my listening as I didn't want my music to sound like I was copying his. I would also say that Pearl Jam's music has influenced me greatly, but I doubt most people would notice any comparison.
What equipment do you use?
Roland RD-500 digital stage piano / yamaha motif es8 (synth) / yamaha s90es (synth) / boss br 1200 multi-track recorder/ Kawai K-50 upright piano./ Logic pro 8, collosus, and kontact 3.
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