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Low Tide Beats and Instrumentals
Low Tide Beats and Instrumentals
11 Tracks
Beats, Instrumentals, Smooth, Raw, Gansta, Smoking songs, deep beats, fast, slow, hardcore, experimental, underground, eminem style, dre, geezy, Bun b, dirty so
This is the official Low Tide Records page where you can purchase and listen to Low Tide beats and Instrumentals!! Come on in and listen each beat is unique in style and sound...Feel free to email me any questions at musiclegalsolutions@yahoo.com ENJOY!!!
Band/artist history
Lowtide Records started their first Production in a basement in south Brevard. Its founders Dennis St.Pierre and Marlon Sorrentino started producing in 99 and are continuing to expand their network of contacts. We have released three albums and are currently working on new projects! Lowtide Records has gone from amateur to completely professional with our work in its entirety! From old school to new school we can school your ass some wisdom unlike alot of hip hop that leaves a sour taste in your mouth! Anyone can exspress ideas and thoughts through writing lyrics but to actually include history, political science, phillosophy, and of course everyday street knowledge. This combination creates a better look on "Morality and Virtue" with the essence of music behind it! Low Tide Records has also been its own production company thus giving us the name LTP (Lowtide Productions) but in all reality we are here to make records! Hot, on fire, burn your house down type recordings! And for the right price your shit can be lowtide tight...otherwise good luck trying to compare!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, at local venues around central Florida! Stay updated
Your musical influences
Every musician who ever played an instrument and actually was noticed for accomplishing what they set out to achieve! Names: Dave Mathews Band, Bad Brains, Frank Zappa, The Clash......and many more! Modern influences from the hip hop world are: Immortal Technique, AKIR, Beastie Boys, and any MC that keeps it real!
What equipment do you use?
Mpc 2000 xl, Mackie onyx firewire mixer, dual gold capsule condensor mic, Yamaha motif, a shit load of sounds, a spanish guitar, electric, and box style acoustic. I use Cakewalk Sonar and also have a delta 44 for pre-patch effects..Umm I occasionally use percussive instruments..
Anything else?
Listen to my beats leave feedback and if your intrested dont hesitate to contact me!
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