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L- Dollaz aka L.T. aka Thermal NRG (Pronounced Energy) born and raised in Philly now resides in Baltimore, started writing so long ago that he cant pinpoint a year as to when it all began. Though he is distant from group N.R.G. (Nobody Rhymes Greater) they still keep there bond and he has held on to and added to his passion for the mic. L.T. has stepped his game up to performing on Open Mic venues such as Warm Wednesdays, Mic Life, and Style Wars determined to get his music heard by the public. Coming from a family of musicians, such as the Delphonics and the group Double Force, it comes as no surprise that this phenomenal emcee is laying down tracks that you have to either love it or like it. Instead of waiting for a studio or producer he became his own by mixing and laying his own tracks in the basement of his Baltimore home, and in some opinions succeeds some of his comrades that have better facilities and equipment. His determination and dedication to his art led him to writing and engineering the Destined for Greatness mix cd, as well as many other tracks to be featured on his next project Higher Jargin. L.T. is more than just a rapper, hes a storyteller, thought provoker, with a sharp but direct approach holding no punches, and a flow that is unlike any of his hip hop predecessors so that in his material he can take your mind from the dance floor to the street. That versatility is what makes him definitely destined for greatness, and the individual he is known as Lyrical Tyrant.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I've done quite a few open mic's, talent shows, etc.
Your musical influences
Life is the biggest influence of all artists. But to be more specific... musically, I'd say, All the hip-hop pioneers, from run-dmc to jay-z. My favorite artists would be Common, Kweli, Royce 5'9", & Beanie Sigel.
What equipment do you use?
Mic, Pen & Pad
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