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neo-industrial aural assault
Kubix - Do It Again (evolution Mix)
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Burn for You
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KUBiX is a project inspired by... well music, and the desire to make it. The bands founder, Trevor is the primary creative force behind KUBiX, and believes that the world is swamped in paradox, and as such, since the creation of KUBiX in the fall of 2000, KUBiX has gone from noise art, to electronic art, to industrial, and has lyrical content from political dissonance, to outright anger, and autobiographical content. Trevor believes tags and labels are for stock animals, not art, and as such loves making it difficult for people to label the band as one type of music for very long.
Band/artist history
KUBiX, the emerging Neo-Industrial act based out of Denver, Colorado, was originally founded as a Noise art project intended to accompany visual art. The music was written to mesh closely with Trevor's other artistic hobbies, making it very atmospheric with a harsh industrial edge. Being more of a hobby at that time, no emphasis was placed on live shows or audience reaction to the music; instead the focus was placed on the artistic and experimental aspects. Despite this, after a year of recording on a small digital recorder and posting to MP3.com, Trevor was approached by another Denver based band, Emergence, and asked to play keyboards for them. While working with Emergence, Trevor developed a fondness for live shows and grew accustomed to the idea of being part of a well received and more musical and less experimental act, but he missed writing harder edged material. Due to this, Trevor opted to revive KUBiX and infuse it with a more structured sound. After testing the new style with several initial tracks, Trevor decided to release Do It Again on MP3.com and it was very well received. Within a month of posting this song, KUBiX was offered a spot on Vinyl and Violence, a compilation released by Spiderbite Studios. Encouraged by this strong response, Trevor started writing more consistently, and received a steady stream of e-mails from a quickly growing fan base. It was at this point Susan joined KUBiX, infusing the mix with even more energy. Shortly thereafter, KUBiX moved its online presence to Soundclick.com and posted Trip in September of 2003. Trip immediately moved to the #1 spot on the overall Industrial Electronic charts where it remained for over a year and caught the attention of a California based label by the name of Statue Records. KUBiX signed a one record, one-year contract with Statue Records on December 1st, 2003. Over 50 DJs in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil requested pre-release copies of Construct, KUBiXs debut release. Subsequently, KUBiX received word that the CD was being played at clubs all across North America, and was getting excellent reviews in a variety of publications. Clubs in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, and Calgary contacted KUBiX inquiring about live shows. While KUBiX had recently started performing live, the band did not have available time to travel long distances and were forced to turn down those shows. Statue Records was unable to deliver on distribution, and Construct never made it onto record store shelves. Due to unresolved distribution and manufacturing issues, KUBiX opted not to renew their contract with Statue Records. KUBiX is currently talking with several new labels, and is currently working on new material for a second album. Building on its live show, KUBiX has enrolled the help of a short film director to create a video display that will accompany KUBiXs current lighting system. Planning is underway for a full scale East Coast tour in the summer of 2005.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes. check our 'on tour' link. we are currently planning some midwest shows.
Your musical influences
We are most inluenced by bands like Ministry and Skinny Puppy, though I don't want to limit the scope to that, considering when I was a kid I was a pretty hard core metal kid, and mellowed out to industrial from the various types of grunge and metal, really all music inspires me, it just depends on the day.
What equipment do you use?
Our current set-up includes... Computer Hardware: Asus A7N8X-E AMD Athlon XP Creamware Pulsar Fostex VC-8 D/A converter MOTU Micro Express Midi Monitors: Mackie HR624 Studio Monitors Sony MDR V700 Headphones Software: Sonar 3 Studio Edition Soundforge 7 Synths: Dave Smith Mono Evolver Access Virus Classic Rack Novation A-Station Roland XV-5050 Roland XP-30 Alesis Ion Vocal Equipment: Shure Beta 58A Mic TC-Electronics M-One DigiTech Vocal 300 Vocal Effects Processor Guitar Gear: Mike: Ibanex HR Gieger RG Trevor: Ibanez GAX75
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