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'In The Pouring Rain' (New Version) - Sara Agnes
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'In The Pouring Rain' (Ballad) - Sara Agnes
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'On Tonight' - Kyle Aivz
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'Press Play' (Remix) - Malcolm Pisani
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Billy.J's Biography Born on 22nd of February 1985, Billy.J was always into music. At a young age, with the radio always on in the house, along with shows on the television going on day and night, Billy.J was immediately exposed to music. As a songwriter he spent most of his school hours writing bits of lyrics on his school books, instead of paying attention to what was going on during the lessons, at St. Elmo's Primary School in Valletta. During his breaks, he used to work on melodies for these lyrics and how to pull them all together. In 1997 whilst attending Secondary school at St. Joseph Junior Lyceum, he started to go in a small recording studio as a young back up singer. Billy.J immediately used this experience to his advantage, knowing how it feels to be in a singer's shoes. Having spent three months of summer in recording and making demos now and then, he went back to school where he studied some more languages; French and Spanish. These two languages came in quite handy for Billy J. as he started to write a few songs in foreign languages as well. He also took Art classes along side Augusto Cardinali, to which Billy.J always had looked up to such a character in the Maltese Music scene. After writing lyrics nearly every day and doing the recording in 1997, in 1998 he decided to stop writing and take a break after the death of his grandmother on the 4th of February, a few days away from his birthday. This created a setback in Billy.J's creativity, as well as putting him through so much at such a young age... After taking a long break, making space for his friends and family, as well as dedicating his time on studies, then heading to I.T.S soon after that, Billy.J was right back on track. He started following concerts, festivals, and other musical events. It was then time for Billy J. to experience the world of employment, after studying at I.T.S, he got a job with the Metropole Hotel in Sliema, working as a chef, and also a waiter, and a one night receptionist. Afterwards he worked as a Call Advisor in a call centre based in Sliema. With a fresh new start, he started to make friends with people in the music business which helped guide him along the way. With his outgoing personality, he is easy to make friends with along his tracks. Recently Billy.J collaborated for MSFE 2006 with his long time inspirations such as Priscilla Psaila including Renato Briffa and the well known sister duo Alison and Analise Ellul including Elton Zarb. The songs were entered to compete for MSFE 2006, but none of the songs made it to the finals. Although this was a slight let down, but the songs were of good quality and the singers decided to release the songs as CD singles. Lately Billy.J teamed up with some various artists to work on releasing new Cd Single Materials, such as follows; 'A Little Bit Of Love' by Priscilla Psaila, Written by Billy.J, Composed by Renato Briffa. 'In My Eyes' by Ali & Lis Ellul, Written by Billy.J, Composed by Elton Zarb. 'Exhale' by Christine, Written by Billy.J, Composed by Mark Scicluna 'Lets Get Louder' by Kimberly Grech, Written by Billy.J, Composed by Priscilla Psaila. 'Queen Of The Night' by Christine, Written by Billy.J, Composed by Ivan De Battista. However, apart from music Billy.J also has photography as his second interest. He does photo shoots as one can see in the photo section which will be on-line soon. This hobby started as a passion, he started to take photos of his friends, of which he does keep close to his heart, and also taking photos of special moments in his life. One day he uploaded these photos on online photo albums, and as friends admired them, they suggested him to take it seriously. And so he did. His photography work developed very rapidly, because word spread around thanks to the help of his friends A big start off for a guy of such young age, but a long road ahead for a guy with huge ambitions. Always looking forward to new challenges ;)
What equipment do you use?
My mind, heart and soul
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