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Living Christian Xamples
Living Christian Xamples Better Known as LCX!! Gospel rap group from Baltimore, Maryland. JOIN US!!! **LCX "The Pages Written"** Album Release Concert August 18, 2007 @ 7pm Holy Nation Tabernacle 912 Washington Blvd. Baltimore, MD
Band/artist history
Group formed in April 2003 by three brothers to minister for a youth service. Since then we have continued to work together in ministry. Our home in Baltimore is where we started our ministry. We would even sometimes ride the bus or walk to our engagements carrying a boom box for our music. For a short period of time we were blessed to have the company of a brother named Mike in our group, with him we ministered in many places around the city. Mike left the group, but we pressed on, our engagements grew to churched around the state of Maryland and began stretching into Philly, the Eastern Shore, Virginia, and even New York. In August 2005 we released our first demo project for our fans to have as we moved on to college. In August of 2006, we held our second concert to raise money for homeless. Since, we have still been in ministry whenever we are able to come together to minister, and have continuously perfected our craft. We decided hat we wanted to finally create a CD for our supporters who have eagerly encouraged us throughout the years to do so. We have now come to a point where we have decided to release the album on August 18, 2007!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will minister live anytime, anywhere. It's what we love to do. We do accept love offerings, but our ministry is and always has been FREE OF CHARGE!! Memorable moments include opening for Jonathan Nelson and Purpose, Tonex, and Danny Easton. We also have ministered at T.D. Jakes's Megafest Conference in Altanta, the Kingdom Conference in Baltimore, and many, many churches throughout the city of Baltimore. Also, the first concert we ever held for the release of our Demo. One special concert was the Concert for the Homeless in which we raised money for a charity.
Your musical influences
Kirk Franklin, Cross Movement, Gospel Hip Hop, JESUS!
What equipment do you use?
A complete audio system with 3 microphones is preferred but we will minister with nothing since it is what we are given by God to do.
Anything else?
We would like to thank everyone who has helped us and has encouraged us to keep pressing forward and to stick together. Your prayers and great words have stayed with us and have strengthened us to be the ministers we are and strive to be.
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