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johnny scott band
johnny scott band
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A cross between roots based country and southern-pop-n-roll.Johnny Scott Band-New Southern country rock n roll
If I Had a Dollar
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I'm Goin' Home
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A cross between roots based country and southern pop and roll...Guitars, harmonies, mandolins and hammond organ melt together in a smorgashboard of heartfelt lyrics combined with great hooks that grab you when you least expect it...A band of veteran "road dogs", fronted by Johnny Scott, a true southern country bi-product of such musical influences as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Outlaws, Marshall Tucker, A.R.S. , Travis Tritt and Merle Haggard...Johnny Scott...New southern country Rock n roll!!!
Band/artist history
A solo project formed in late 1999 during some down time by Johnny Scott, materialized as one of the souths newest up and coming bands. The Studio band for the debut cd "Step Aside" consist of T. Talbert (bass guitar), Don Stacy (lead & rhythm guitars), Roger Eaker (Hammond, Keys), Art Bordeaux (slide, rhythm & lead guitars), and additional studio musicians Chris Emerson (mandolin) and Chris Hartis (backing vocals). The second and forthcoming cd has found Johnny Scott and Don Stacy as well as new member Dave Vanham, back in the studio again and on the road as we speak. New songs and more road worthy material has driven the band to new heights on the indie music scene.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we all are seasoned musicians, coming from several different musical backgrounds. We have all done the "cover thing", and consistantly play live at least 10 shows a month.
Your musical influences
Its a wide variety of influences. Everything from Merle Haggard to the Four Topps, Mothers Finest to Willie Nelson, BTO to Bon Jovi. I like it all. I got the chance to see Elvis at the age of 7, and that pretty much convinced me I wanted to be on a stage for the rest of my life. If at all possible.
What equipment do you use?
I use fender strats, fender and ovation acoustics, Ludwig and Yamaha drums, shure mics, Marshall and line 6 amps,Ampeg bass rigs