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CHAT is a zero gravity band based on the moon.The name CHAT is composed from the organic relationship between (Cosmos, Hyper, Altitude, and Transformation.) Our
CHAT is a zero gravity band based on the moon. We are currently touring Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and we will be landing on Earth soon. Our album The Solar System was released on February 2007 .The band members are: Gassim: Composer, lyricist, drums and lead guitar muscian from planet Earth. He is interested in cross-planet music platforms. Soool: A vocalist and lyricist from planet Earth, she studied sound placement on contemporary Cosmos Rhythms on Alapoppipoppo University -Planet Mercury. Yakaa: Is an influential Asteroid guitar player from planet Mars. Hes the twin brother of Makaa; born on Mars while Makaa was born on Jupiter, he studied Music at the Universe Institute of Vibes -Planet Mercury. Makaa: A multi-system virtual drummer from planet Neptune. Makaa had his education in wireless drum performances at the Conkosh Academy of Noise-Moon Galileo. Yopaa: A spectacular keyboard player from the Sun, she is the hottest woman in the Cosmos. She had her major on music Orientation and de-fragmentation of consciousness. Shes influenced by Unguzzuzz Uzz Ozz Buzz. Meeee: A Bass player and lyricist from planet Venus. She is a Curly, short neon hair with a FireWire port. She uses her 24 fingers to create unforgettable bass tones and grooves. Attending a concert at the Institute of Vibes, the group decided to establish a cross-cosmos music band. CHAT.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play Live , in many planets , Mars, Venus and Saturn anre our favorite places, the very special moment is when we landed on Earth and we found out that their is Gravity, Yep
Your musical influences
Space chants, Sufi Jazz and cross planet-Noise
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Human beings are great.
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