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Here Comes Everybody
Here Comes Everybody
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Piano-Pop-Rock for the Heart and Brain
Piano-rock with a brain and heart.
Band/artist history
Michael Jarmer and René Ormae-Jarmer in 1986 and has been performing in the greater Portland metro area and the Northwest United States of these Americas ever since. From its new wave progressive rock beginnings, Here Comes Everybody has evolved over the years, moving freely in and out of various configurations and genres, but sticking the entire time to its greatest passion and strength: the memorable and delicious modern pop song. The 21st century finds Michael and René crafting mostly acoustic and electric piano rock and performing as a trio: drums, bass, keyboards and a whole lot of singing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Here Comes Everybody has performed live for the last 20 years in the NW Music Scene: clubs, colleges, festivals, opening for national acts, on TV (Good Day Oregon) and touring up and down the West Coast. They love playing live and special moments come up all the time since the band is very audience participation oriented. A special moment would be throwing slicing of Kraft Singles American Cheese to audience members while opening up for popular Canadian band Moxy Fruvous at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, OR. People actually ate the cheese! They must have been hungry. (HCE had a song called Processed Amercian).
Your musical influences
Piano-Rock that has actual lyrics and songs with stories. Sophisticated keyboard-oriented pop-rock that is a little left of center. Influences include: Ben Folds, Elton John, Coldplay, Elbow, David Bowie, They Might Be Giants, Duncan Sheik, Bare Naked Ladies, Grandaddy, World Party, Frank Zappa, Gary Numan, The Police, Beatles, Robyn Hitchcock, Tory Amos, Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, David Sylvian, Jon Brion, Death Cab For Cutie, Talking Heads, David Byrne, Thomas Dolby, Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello, Suzanne Vega, King Missille, and a sordid collection of 70's AM Radio hitmakers: ELO, Yes, Steely Dan, etc.....keyboard oriented songwriting....
What equipment do you use?
DW Drums for our drummning lead singer. Korg and Alesis keys and piano when it's available. Our current bassist, David Gilde plays on a cheap version of the Beatle Bass (Like Paul McCartney's).
Anything else?
Listen to Here Comes Everybody. It will make you happy....and it might even give you a good think to go along with your song.