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Mr Ks Orchestra
Mr Ks Orchestra
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Mr. K's Orchestra fuses the likes of jazz, electronica, blues, rock and pop into a cohesive, multidimensional composition.
Mr.K's Orchestra, an original blend of rock n roll, pop, blues, and insanity. At the bottom of a flight of stairs sits Casey Robbins (The Kyd) gently tapping his drumsticks against each other to music, audible only to him. He sits nestled in his drum set on a faded carpet no bigger than a large area rug. His backdrop is one where Dr. Pepper cans collect on the counters and a row of seven guitars display themselves as if being showcased behind a window. To the right of the Kyd, a mini-recording studio houses enough equipment to start an independent record label. Robbins can trace his musical beginnings in good ol' Oregon, back to his parents. Both played guitar. 1986 brought Robbins his first set of drums - a Mickey Mouse set. Robbins began recognizing beats with a little help from his friends, The Beach Boys, crackling on vinyl. Robbins worked his way through instruments and eventually started writing his own music. Through high school, Robbins formed several bands with friends, inventing group names such as "Spastic Disorder" and "Destitute." When these bands broke up a year after graduation, Robbins turned to producing by himself. In the past five years the Kyd has produced & arranged around forty-one albums and he's not stopping for anything. Long time friend Joel Magid says, "He couldn't' stop if he wanted to - he might as well try to raise the Titanic. The music keeps The Kyd sane and the fact that he can't stop producing it proves it." For The Kyd it all began with "an uncontrollable urge to make rhythms," and that's what it all comes back to.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No at the time Mr.K is concentrating on performing with one of his bands, "the ol'howl and smash". They play in Oregon and Washington, they are currently booking Their first west coast tour. From what I can tell The Kyd seems to enjoy performing. One of the last Mr,k's Orchestra show's in 2004 was insane. The kyd Dragged out two huge black plastic bags (that looked heavy) placed them on each side of the stage. After a few songs hands stared coming out of the bags, meanwhile a friend is doing push ups and jumping jacks on stage. The bags rip open and out come Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. The Two break in to a boxing match then The Kyd knocks the three of them down ttko. Then The Kyd ran outside of the venue, ran around the hole block, ran back in then back out of the venue, humped that nights touring band's RV intell the alarm went off, went back inside played four more song before he went back out side and puked, came back inside and the show ended. It was all cought on video.
Your musical influences
The Beatles. Brian Wilson, THe Beach boys. Capitan Beefheart. Motown. The Funk Broters Staxs. Booker T & the MG's Capital. The Wrecking Crew.
What equipment do you use?
Drums. Bass. Guitar. Piano. Vocals. Organ. Slide Guitar. Keyboards. Drum Machine. Sampler. Saxophone. Harmonica. Autoharp. shakers. tamborine. Bongo's. Trumpet. Flute.