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electronic nebula
I am the one and only ranxid .....infamous enemy of the corporate music industry.....renegade from the red tie cult......outlaw for the last three decades and the next......bringing to your ears the enlightenment of the human condition Im not here to impress you. Just to perhaps show you a few things about yourself in the short time you will allow me Lover Singer Writer Artist Pen and ink collaborator Painter keyboard novice and bass aficionado Visually destructive video artist photoshop hobbyist Junk pile sculptor Stargazer Intellectual troublemaker Gardener Supernova chameleon
Band/artist history
I was born.... I heard the waves..... I saw my father demonstrating their use..... He said my hands were too big and i would never be a musician.... I was abandoned and went insane for 10 years...... I decided to make music with my big hands anyway..... I purchased an electric guitar...... I created my first song..... I joined many bands... I sang to many faces... I saw the unjust industry... I drifted into goth and computers while my band played classic rock covers..... again I was abandoned...... Now I work alone in my bubble collecting samples sounds and ideas. My sounds are always from my heart and always my gift to the ears of humans everywhere contrary to what anyone has ever said I am a musician and an artist. And a skater. I hate labels but I wear them all the time I dont care if you dont like my noise. Eat your checkers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've had a long career playing live for many bands over the 30 years that I have been creating artistic sound waves......now I rarely venture far from the tower......and I rarely preform in front of crowds anymore....I have transcended to the digital edifice of the world wide net...and now blast my shock-waves across the serpentine fiber-optic highway that links the planet....in addition I also score film soundtracks, write screenplays, novels, poems and opinionated articles.....and make a general artistic nuisance of myself.
Your musical influences
My influences are the air and the sea.... Love and denial.... grief and exaltation... science and dogma...human and not... the wind and the rain..... peace and grandiose battles... the future and the past.... the smell of oil and ozone.... death..........and life the still primative political empires that control planet earth robots who one day will love, dream, and cry.... bright neon green..... urban decay and rebirth sex socrates, plato and star trek cola slurpees the planet's sugar addiction riddicks eyes
What equipment do you use?
Gear............... yamaha psr-540 keyboard antique korg E 240547 micro-Korg/vocoder cort 5 string bass Aria pro guitar roland SPD6 drum pad assorted analog percussion instruments misc. shure microphones mackie 14 channel mixer 2 mackie upright speakers with stands racks...... virtulizer pro vocal effects alesis DM5 drum rack composer pro dynamic eQ rack underfoot.............. DOD vofx pedal 2 rfx midibuddies inside the AI boxes............ (box#one) Acid pro 7 Techno-ejay nero-soundwave editor cakewalk 5.0 (box#2) rebirth338 (alas rebirth didn't make the crossing to windows 7.....I miss it so....) adobe audition GarageBand Launchpad
Anything else?
In early 2017 I experienced a major health event with my upper descending aorta. Technically an aortic dissection with accompanying aneurism. It has been an uphill battle for recovery and although Ill never be back to who I was I will never stop speaking my mind and making my music as long as I can. Thank you so very much for being supportive to me. All my songs and albums are free. All I can ask is you listen and be inspired. Thank you.
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