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leahcim sutok
leahcim sutok
50 Tracks
ultraviolent anti-pc eco-fascist we-like-chillin-in-the-sun feces-eating homeless drugaddict uber black metal band
ultraviolent anti-pc eco-fascist we-like-chillin-in-the-sun feces-eating homeless drugaddict uber black metal band micha - bass susan - vocals leah - guitar Herr Van Rockneck - guest vocals Here's what people have to say about us: "That sounded extremly shit. However i'm taking into consideration you're a black metal band, in which case it was killer, dude." "Man, this "songs" are THE MOST TOTALLY FUCKING SHIT I'VE EVER HEARED!!! It's awesome!!! And disgusting/ Damn on u!!! And that "swastika" painted on ugly girl's forehead!!! Man, i'm not some kind of "Oh, man, it's terrible", but it's the last nail in your coffin!!!" "I can't stop laughing at the music. I demand more, dude." "My favorite is I'm Blind. You guys are HARDFUCKINGCORE. RAWK ON! m/" "But seriously, you guys thrash. Hands down the heaviest riffs I've ever heard." "Leahcim Sutok ist gay" "I hope you land the support slot on a Cradle of Filth - Dimmu Borgir doubleheadliner" "EAT SHIT FUCK YOU DIE I HOPE YOUR MOTHER RAPES YOU WITH A STRAP-ON YOU POND SCUM OF THE GENE POOL / FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU" "Satin's song is seriously where it's at." "I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you." "Interesting. Not good or bad, just interesting."
Band/artist history
We started writing songs on 9/11 2006 Exactly 5 years after the tragic events in new york city which would change this world forever. That day suddenly brought back all the pain and sadness we already witnessed in 2001. Susan and I got together after crying to each other on the phone and recorded our first song "bunnyhuggin blackmetal" which you can hear on this site.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we do play live. We play wherever the long hard road that leads us out of this world and into infinite freedom will take us. (The Carribean Woods, the phillipinean mountains & even The hazardous Caves of Poopland) One time we were all trippin' on the cheap, easy to get, hard to handle, brainfrying dissociative superdrug DXM and puked our guts out during a show while cutting ourselves up with guitarstrings.
Your musical influences
drugs, rape porn, saturday morning cartoons
What equipment do you use?
Epiphone Guitars & Behringer Amps
Anything else?
we are looking for a drummer must be able to buy & consume drugs on a daily basis have long red hair (yup, we're only lookin' for gingers), white skin, black eyes and a drumstick in each hand.
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