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Bryan Perkins
Bryan Perkins
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Musician, Recording Artist, Composer. Multiple Genres. Instrument of choice = Keyboard
The Visitor (from Proxima Centauri b)
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God Created Bass
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I'm keeping, my interview from 2007 below, as it was who I was when I started my Soundclick Page. I haven't released any music in the last decade, but am hoping to find more time to throughout the rest of my 30's. Most of my music is of an electronic influence. I listen to a lot of EDM, but I enjoy almost all genres of music, from classical, jazz, rock, pop, hip hop, and country. You will mostly find electronic instrumental music on my page, as I don't write a lot of lyrics, and don't consider myself a professional singer. I have written and recorded some songs with lyrics, which I will leave online. In my younger years I used the artist name "Digitalee", which I also have a Soundclick page for. That is where you will find most of my older music. Moving forward, I will use my name given to me at birth. My music won't be liked and appreciated by all people, and I'm ok with that. I try to make music that I enjoy listening to. I hope you enjoy! (Original Interview) My name is Bryan Perkins, and I am a Christian Composer residing in Eastern Kentucky. I attend Auxier Freewill Baptist Church in Auxier, KY. I've been married almost a year now, and my wife Sharon and I recently had a baby girl - Kaylee Madison Perkins. I attended Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona right out of High School, and studied music, recording, and composition. I look forward to releasing an album before the end of 2007!
Band/artist history
I am a solo artist who enjoys collaborating with other musicians. I am currently not in a band, but I would like to be able to take my music on tour someday with live musicians.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to play at my church. Some good memories, but mostly I make music from my keyboard as a hobby.
Your musical influences
Too many to list. I like musicians who love their music as art.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha Motif ES8 and PC
Anything else?
I hope you enjoy my music, but if you don't that's ok. I'm going to keep being me.
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