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AIRFAITH, LIVERPOOL, music, alternative, experimental, indie, rock, dance, acoustic, all, twin ghost, pink floyd, faithless, different, kasabian, guitar riffs,
AIRFAITH - TWINGHOST - hi this is a new page for airfaith music i have reccently changed the name of the album sleeves HI Im Mr Shaun jones and i make music.... what else is there to say? its funky heavy indie mixed with pink floyd and some theatre stylee musique its just a mix of my best stuff as ive made over 100 songs in 2 years so u can expect the odd bad ones, i play guitar, bass and keyboard/piano drums made on fruity loops at the moment or on my keyboard now and again.
Band/artist history
used to be in a group called GForce and still am really, but aint done any shit for over a few months now but still keepin it real coz its "The GForce Crew". check out myspace/gforce_two_man_crew lol been tryna learn some more stuff on the guitar bass and keyboard in the meantime but prefer to come up with my own ideas than learn old tunes. except iggy pop and muse, the cure funky jazzy bass riffs
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i played on the leeds carling festival '02' stage iggy pops the passenger back in 2005, and i handed out demo albums and played around a few campsites after a few drinks at the festival this year in 06 but nothing too special yet.
Your musical influences
my friends bands THE COMPULSIVES, KID VELCRO, and most my friends who can play instruments watched everyone for so long doin well an thought why dont i have a go at learning the guitar atleast. musical influences tho include pink floyd interpol mogwai hip hop wise talib kweli reflection eternal, little brother, and CHIKINKI, mowtowns good too. ROYKSOPP and FAITHLESS 8PM amazing album with maxxi jazz
What equipment do you use?
used to use hip hop ejay man until the mic broke down basicLY but hell its a start AINT it... Now i got shit loadsa equipment not all great but its gettin the job done! love adding crazy sounds into the odd song and like keyboard synthy stuff
Anything else?
anyone lookin to jam and maybe record sum stuff if your in liverpool get intouch through txt most likely to reply as my email is rarely checked 07709831766 and if anyone from leeds wants to keep intouch feel free too. muse and flogging molly at leeds where amazing by the way, feeder very entertaining too.
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