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Julia Walters
Julia Walters
Caldwell, ID  USA
September 06, 2006
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SO YOU LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! RIGHT ON! WELL HANG ON THEN BECAUSE I AM JUST GETTIN' STARTED. I am a Colorado girl raised in Lakewood and stompin' around Indian Hills. Currently I Live in the great state of Idaho just below Lake Lowell Dam; two miles from the Snake river. My Husband Rex and I moved our family here 10 years ago. I wanted to move to Nashville to pursue my songwriting career, but I lost the coin toss. It's not exactly a "music mecca" here as far as publishing or record companys go, but it is a wonderful place to raise our kids...my greatest accomplishment!!! I have a trough of songs tucked away in folders, written on everything from envelopes to cheesey hamburger wrappers. I love to write. I believe there is a "season" for everything in our lives, and my life has been VERY full. Now that most of my kids are grown, I can put alot more time and a little more money into my career. I've made a committment to finish a CD by the end of 2007. I have a vision to get 13-14 songs recorded that are "my own Julia" style. If you love Rodeo, horses, life, lovers and laughter. This CD should hit the mark!
Your musical influences
I love all music, but I am married to country. I grew up listening to Lynn Anderson, Jhonny Cash, Dolly and Porter, Loretta and as a teen discovered Chris Ledoux....Bless you Chris. I have to say that I love good lyrics, I love a great pumping melody, I crave a Tim and Faith Love song and I miss Wynona--(my secret sister) topping the charts. Toby Kieth kills me, and makes me laugh hard. George Straight, still "wears" those wranglers and wears out "Amarillo by Morning".... I'm out of breath, but I can't skip the King, Alan Jackson and there is no end to this........
What equipment do you use?
I write lyric and vocal melody, unfortunately I do not play an instrument..YET. I have picked up the guitar and sat at the piano many times. However I do not "play." My Proudest instrumental moment, I played the chime in one of my demos! WOW...I do hear the music in my head, and have a lot of fun with my producer; the great Rich Oliver, while trying to communicate to him exactly what I want. I use words like 'thingie' alot and he teaches me words like Merchado, but mostly I don't remember.
Anything else?
I want to extend a special Thank-You to Rich Oliver, and to American Music and American Audio. You brought your talents to my projects, and helped me turn my "words on a paper" into something special......... It has been the first step to my dreams coming true and its been a blast working with you!
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