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Snapbacks Back - Tyga feat Chris Brown (FreekMIX)
This group, who calls themselves Loadedweaponz, formed in the late 90's beatboxing over telephones, drumming on school bleachers with pens, and freestyling amongst other rappers in groups crowded around wherever they sought opportunity. They went from calling themselves 'The Cru', to 'Southside Boys', then eventually came up with the name, 'Loadedweaponz'. All the while, they were using other sources for music as far as getting beats to make music and forming and collaborating with other groups. Sources became scarce and they felt as if no one wanted in on what they were trying to pursue, and also doubted their style. So, LC 2:45, 1/2 of the band, decided to take the intiative to make his own music for the duo. KP 4:56, the other half of the duo, was mainly the rapper while LC produced. Both took the initiative to make music on their own without any funds and availible support. With only a Playstation and a karaoke machine, the boys continued on with making music of their own style; and some say own genre. They went on to produce their first albulm on a cassette tape entitled 'Loadedweaponz: Fully Loaded' in 2002, which consists of melodic rhythms, amped rhymes, and very much potential but low quality. The tape actually generated a buzz in schools and had it's way of still making it into a cassette deck in the southside area of Atlanta. Later, in 2008 the group formed back together with beatmaker/rapper/producer LC 2:45 to concoct another albulm/mixtape entitled 'Loadedweaponz: Finally Here' which has a different 'swag' with futuristic melodies, comedic but catchy flows, and a mixture of styles. Overall, the group has been underground, unsigned, and unmanaged for 11 years strong with high potential of being what the game needs as far as differentiality, change, and something refreshing as this new era of music comes into play. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE give me my CREDIT for them, that's all I ask. Feel free to make a song to any track available. E-mail me , heymanchill@aol.com (HMH) HonestMenHonest Oh yeah, shout out to my niggaz - Ty Snipe, Kalico (I ain't forgot cha'll man, we gone make it!) Trace. We gon get back to bizness man, just a matter of time. To KP 4:56 and Mystikk, Ya'll niggaz HOLD ON man! Let GOD work his magic baby, this shyt takes time.
Band/artist history
If I don't get on soon I will be history! Really, besides runnin' thru the high school years rappin and snappin and makin demos, it was grind time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I performed at J Paul's (now The Gate) and CoCo Loco off Moreland Ave. in Atlanta.
Your musical influences
Andre 3000, Cee Lo, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Timbaland, Kanye West, Pharell, and a whole lot more.
What equipment do you use?
PS1,PS2,Fruity Loops 4,6,7XXL,8XXL,9XXL
Anything else?
Expect the Unexpected...
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