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Ordo Ab Chao (Nottingham)
Ordo Ab Chao (Nottingham)
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People compare us to many bands but I like this comparison.....like a mix of Rage against the Machine, King Prawn, Faith No More and Bob Marley! We also get c
The times had changed, the people were getting restless, as the age old governments seduced the peoples exhausted minds for the last time, using their brain re-wiring prozac drugs and televison propaganda to direct a mass hive mind, consciousness has started to fight back. The people all gathered that they were encompassed in this consciousness experiencing itself as a whole. From the deep soul of the earth herself, the balance was being returned via the crossing through the photon belt and as the evil empires of the Corperate world slowly wormed their way to complete centralised control of everyones lives, people woke up and saw through the lies. As the age of Pisces came to an end in the years of the early 21st century and the new age of Aquarius is ushered in, the veil was lifted and the evil that had ruled the world for thousands of years was running out of time as the human race began to wake up and see its full potential. But how could the evil be stopped when it had consumed the planet for so long? Out of the shadows rose men and women who grabbed a-hold of their balls, people who wanted to understand, people who sought for the truth and for answers. People who knew this was a Spiritual war more than a political war and knew that to win they must use their heads before their fists. One such group who fought to wake the sleeping giant that is human kind is Ordo Ab Chao.
Band/artist history
After many years of searching Zagreth and Joop found themselves in limbo, bored and under the thumb of the goverment and negative society so with nothing left to do they started writing songs as best they knew how, as time progressed they discovered more about life and music and Ordo Ab Chao was born, a chance to open people's eyes and re-gain our destinys! After playing (and winning) several acoustic open mic competitions and finding FX lost in a sea of education and Ijneb, wondering the streets of Nottingham, Ordo Ab Chao finally had a full line up, nearly a year after Joop and Zagreth started writing. After seeing Brother Smat and Brother Orez come and go on percussion and synths and having played several gigs, Ordo Ab Chao had a solid line up. Now with the second drummer and percussionist, Giarc added and Brother Joop becoming main vocalist with new member Brother Stimulon taking over one second guitar, their sound has involved into a tight and entertaining unit, ready to spread the word of truth! Ordo Ab Chao have been in the studio recording their debut Album in late 2006 and will be releasing this and touring through out 2007. Hear a rough mix of Rockin in Da Koffin on this page now!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played mostly in Nottingham so far though we have travelled out around the midlands, places like Derby and Sleaford was weird...a small village run by evil dwarves and emo fags with silly hair!
Your musical influences
Our influences range from reggae, ska, acoustic, folk, jazz and ambient (Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Boards of Canada or Jaga Jazzist) to punk, progressive, thrash, Nu-metal and grunge (Mr Bungle, Frenzal Rhomb, King Crimson, NOFX, Ramones, System of a Down or Disturbed), even including Hip-Hop and Electronic stuff (Saul Williams, Sage Francis, Dead Prez or Plaid). We also love many local Nottingham, unsigned bands like Yes my Ninjas?, Spirytus, Weeble, Deep Sound Channel, Nex and Patchwork Grace.
What equipment do you use?
Random drums we find and steal! Peavey Bass. Les Paul Guitars, Mavericks, Ibanez Guitars and home made Ordo Ab Chao Guitars. Marshall and Crate Amps Some djembes and home made masks.
Anything else?
Visit www.ordoabchao.co.uk or www.myspace.com/ordoabchaomusic for more stuff!