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Ambient upbeat Electronica Licenced music from Kesseny
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Simogen Jo
Development of Imogen based on feedback from reviewers of Imogen. Imogen will stay as a song of its own. Simogen Jo moves on in a new direction
upbeat Ambient track
Kesseny (just me, Guy Lewis) is based near the North Cornish Coast where the wind makes the trees grow horizontal, the moors are covered with standing stones and bronze age settlements, the (best) hills have memories of Iron Age fortifications and the beaches are meccas for surfers. Its a great place for inspiration, landscape and the weather. Kesseny means 'harmony' in cornish celtic, I hope you agree that will all my work there is always a clear harmony. I want all my work to have a tuneful melody that can be remembered after the song has been listend to. My work is aimed at the TV & Film industry so is not in a pop / single format. Imogen, my first song is just over 6 minutes long so you only hear the first 3 minutes. The rest continues to explore variations of the different melodies within the song so that TV & Film makers can choose from a range of variations for different parts of their work. My work moves from Ambient to Electronica and Im not really sure where exactly I sit. Perhaps as the rest of my music is completed and published there will be some interesting thoughts given to me about this
Band/artist history
This is me, not really a band. I used to play in a band called Skin many years ago. They reformed into a band called Fluke who were successful in the 90's. Im not looking for a band right now but would be pleased to collaborate with individuals on a project by project basis.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I dont have any plans to play live at present, I have always been studio centric however I do not discount the posibility completely.
Your musical influences
I am influenced by not just music but all things around me and the connection to the earth I have where I live. I know that isnt the answer you wanted.. so well.. I grew up in the 70's and enjoyed punk (esp Stranglers) and perhaps suprisingly, Kate Bush. My most memorable musicians are Japan, Madonna, B52's and Aphex Twin.... Im sure Ive left out the odd thousand other artists in that list :O)
What equipment do you use?
Mainly: Reaktor / Absynth / Kontakt / Kompakt / Logic 6.3 / FM7 / Pro 53 / Apple G4 / Audacity / Macie Control / Soundcraft / Tanoy / Fatar / Novation .....
Anything else?
World Peace begins in your mind
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