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Percussion Discussion Records
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A classical yet jazzy piano solo with some vinyl sampled upright bass string plucks for the bassline. A rhyme inspiring drum line of vinyl sampled snares with crisp hihats, punchy kicks and mpc 2000xl wood block wav. samples. This beat is Copyright
Upcoming single on 'LEX STALLONIOUS' Debut LP
This song contains some really soulful Bass riffs with some classic drums to smooth it on out. This Instrumental is COPYRIGHTED(C)!!Any UNAUTHORIZED USE will result in copyright infringement. This song was produced by:FULL SPECTRUM for Percussion Dis
Still walking
A walk that seems to be everlasting, a walk into well known areas, trees,clouds and a sheet of rain over my head that I also come across....
A feather in the wind
This beat contains a melodic Vocal on the chorus and is somewhat DARK.......This beat is Copyrighted(c.) and was Produced By: Full Spectrum for PercussionDiscussionRecords You may NOT use for demo, promotional,rip or burn, radio play,or non prophet u
Welcome to PercussionDiscussionRecords and the HOME of: *THE DUGOUT* HipHop Radio Show Every FRIDAY from 8-10Pm for the 2007 semester on KRUX 91.5 Fm-Aggies-(NewMexicoStateUniversity COLLEGE RADIO) You can also listen to the STREAMED SHOW at: www.kruxradio.com and double click on LISTEN NOW Or go to: http://www.myspace.com/pdrecords1 To Hit Us Up @Myspace.com We also post a playlist for every show on our message board on our myspace page under blog listings area. So don't forget to check!!! Or make a comment or request at the REQUEST LINE #(505)646-5667 Currently Beat#1 and #3 are up for sale.Limited time only! Full rights and all are going for $50.00 per beat or $90 for both!! Please email us at: percussiondiscussion@graffiti.net or for inquiries,more beats to come very soon! We also specialize in catering to the artists taste. We'll produce all the beats for your next musical project or album. Just email us to: percussiondiscussion@graffiti.net or leave us a message at our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/pdrecords1 THANKS!! This UnderGroundHipHop Music Label consists of :DZ1(DJ) FULL SPECTRUM(PRODUCER) THE PAINTER(LYRICIST) James "dizzy" Deasy(Sound Engineer) All tracks recorded at The Satellite Hide Out All tracks produced & engineered by: FULL SPECTRUM All tracks mastered by James "Dizzy" Deasy All tracks are copyrighted under PercussionDiscussionRecords.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
On occasion DZ1 spins at events or live at house parties. DZ1 is spinning live again on College Radio with an ALLSTAR lineup....DJ DISLEXICAN,DJ PERVEE and GUEST DJs ....DJ FADED1,DJ KNOWLEDGE1( KRUX 91.5 FM)*THE DUGOUT* from SATURDAY 6-8Pm /Call us on the REQUEST LINE#(505-646-5667). We spin nothing but CLASSIC REAL HIPHOP,ENJOY!! Also possibly spinning a venue at El Patio in Old Mesilla,NM! Be on the lookout! 1
Your musical influences
My girlfriend ....who is better explained as my SOULMATE,LOVE OF MY LIFE and BEST FRIEND!!!!!! My music has broke free of the common persons confinements. With Christina by my side I have brought my music to a spiritual level that I never knew existed in real life! Thank you baby!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Vestax PDX 2000 DirectDriveTurntables Stanton SK2F Limited Edition Optical Mixer 2 Shure M44-7's AkaiMPC2000xl MidiProductionStudioSamplerw/maxed out memory and 8 outs + Iomega 100 ZIp Drive and OldSchool SCSI cd-rom drive! ZoomMRS-8 Digital Recording Studio Sony VAIO Tower PC SoundProofMicBooth Ultimate BoomStand micstand Sony Xl-7Mic
Anything else?
1 Obscure and Open MIND!
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