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ART n Von
ART n Von
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Christian Rock, Contemporary Christian, Progressive Rock Christian, Gospel, Christian Artist,
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Band/artist history
Art has been involved with music all of his life. His late father was an accomplished guitar player. Growing up, with a father like that, who was raised during the Great Depression when there existed only eveing radio , his father's skills as a guitarist were quite POLISHED. Art studied every move his father made. Later, Art studied Audio/Video Production at Southern Ohio College and is awesome when it comes to arrangements, productions, and overall sound in a mix. Von grew up surrounded by music as well. Her daddy sang, played guitar and CRAFTED guitars as well. Playing the piano from the 2nd grade, she is accomplished as a pianist as well as an accomplished finger-picking guitarist. Her melodies, lyrics, arrangements, and vision for a song are well thought out and well crafted. Von has amazing testimony to share about some of the things she has been through in life. Please read a bit about Von and lessons life has taught her: My Father fought such a courageous battle with cancer. My mother had just passed away, my oldest son Kevin, who is afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, had fallen and was dealing with a broken hip (Dr's said he would NEVER walk again, but WHAT do they know???? He is walking today, with a distictive limp, but praise God, walking) ANYWAY after mom's sudden death, dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, they gave him three months to live....So, I packed my bags with the blessing of my husband, and headed to Beaver Dam, Ky to care for my dad. Glory to God, I ended up caring for him for over 3 and 1/2 years. What a precious gift that time with him was. So much happened to me spiritually during that time. I watched a man praise God EVERY day that he suffered, with JOY and no mumbling about "why him?" I learned that each and every day is a new beginning. I guess in short, what I am trying to say is....watching my dad die a little bit every day, I learned how to live today. In prayer every evening he would always say this... "Father, Despite what this world has laid upon me, I have enjoyed this day with You!" This past year has been the hardest of my life. Without warning, suddenly my back and legs hurt so bad I could barely walk. Matter of fact, I would go days without going upstairs because I just could not endure the pain in my legs and back. Dr's were unsure of what was causing my ordeal and I went thorugh batteries of tests. And more tests. When you have a beautiful team of doctors that I had the blessing of benefitting from, there is no way that you can feel there will be no end to the pain. As baffled as they were, one doctor, Dr. Stephen Pledger would find a way to encourage me, (even if was as simple as calling me "Trouble") I would watch him scratch his head, listen as he told me I was an "enigma" and feel the strength in his gentle voice. Today, with God's abundant grace, and the ongoing care of my beautiful team of doctors, I have my life back. I am walking, going back to work, and getting ready to jump back into my music ministry like a gangbuster. I owe so much to Dr. Stephen Pledger and Dr. Akbik. They NEVER gave up on me, and never let me give up on myself. I prayed for them as hard as I prayed for myself. GOD HEARD. GLORY!!! Through it all, you can be sure that no matter WHAT this world throws my way.... I'm gonna ENJOY the Grace of God, I'm gonna revel in it!!! OH, and while I was away from home all that time caring for my father and while I have been healing this past year from the lastest crook in my road, (yes, it was hard, my husband and I suffered financially, emotionally, physically, whew, just went through the mill, ya know? ... but you know what happened???? OUR MARRIAGE ONLY STRENGTHENED!!!! GLORY!!!!! How many couples can go through something like my father and my illness and come out stronger???? Well, if the couple is seeped in the Word, wrapped in the Love of Christ, YOU CAN GET THROUGH ANYTHING!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment, ART n VON are currently working on a CD which will be completed sometime in the summer of 2007. Von sings live at local area church's and community venues. She'll keep ya posted of where and when.....
Your musical influences
Both Art and Von are CRAZY about Kansas. They love the progressive rock sound. They also have been influenced by: Eagles, Pink Floyd, David Crowder Band, Von has a lot of Country/Bluegrass in her background so she has been influenced by: Dottie Rambo, The Gaithers, Bill Monroe, Johnny Cash, as well as Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Ray Boltz, The Imperials, The Cathedrals, so many and "TOO many to list", she says, "But when Art and I get together, we have fun, yet we are SERIOUS about what we do, and the message that we convey. The influences of our musical mentors are VERY evident in our work be it a country tune. blues, rock or progressive rock."
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk Sonar Fruity Loops Fender Guitar Yamaha 12 string guitar Yamaha keyboard Line 6 toneport and 100's of of plug ins :)
Anything else?
You REALLY do need to check out the banner below. It will take you directly to the registration page of Christian Songwriters Network. Hope to see you there!!!