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Andrew Goodman
Andrew Goodman
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You should listen to my music; all the cool kids are doing it.
There's not too much to tell here. It's pretty much just me, my guitars, and a lot of caffeine
Band/artist history
Wow, history......umm....there's really no band history to speak of. I blew a paycheck this summer on recording equipment enough to record onto my cpu, and have begun attempting to put it to good use. No real backstory here, just.....*looks off in the distance* the future.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently, no. I may, once I get a decent setlist layed out, begin trying to play a few bars locally.
Your musical influences
Good God, I hate having to boil all those I've stolen from/copped/imitated thus far. I'll try to keep this brief, though, since you're wasting your own time reading this. Opeth, Genesis, Nile, John Petrucci, Vai, Black Sabbath, Pain of Salvation. Ultimately, I'm typically a lot lighter, featuring much more acoustics than that list might indicate, but those might give you some idea.
What equipment do you use?
I've got an Ibanez Gio, an Epiphone "Basher" LP, and a Washburn 12-string acoustic. Most of my electric tone comes from my KORG Toneworks AX100G multiFX pedal. In terms of recording, I'm using a Tascam US-122 direct input and MXL mics (though I'm going to need to get a nicer mic if I'm going to record vocals, as the one I have makes the baby Jesus cry). I'm currently recording into audacity, until I can convince the cubase that came with the input to work.
Anything else?
For those of you who are wondering after listening to Jam in D, no, I don't own or play a sitar. What you're hearing there is me giving my 12-string acoustic the "sitar" effect. If you are interested in the process, email me, and I'll be more than happy to explain it.
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