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Join http://DemagogzSty.Ning.com Straight lyrics that fake dudes mimic/ But I got dis verse fa sale/ What Im hearing is stale/ Could dey step dey game up/ Mare
If I aint da greatest just give me time/ Im like fine wine/ Age only brings on better rhymes / Watch me fly by/ Nobody in 2000 and 6 /Give me a year I bet ya mamma be lovin on this/Just like da Grinch/ Im stealin ya christmas punk trick/ Im tired of yall lyin ta my people ya punk bitch/ They dyin while yall all out here tryin ta get rich/ Livin ya lies / Da judge keep throwin time / Pissed to a major extent/ So im destroyin ya abilty ta make hits/ Ya on Demagog's list/ So Im blowin ya ass ta bits/ Get moved out da way or sit/Your choice ta make/ But watch me bake dis cake/ And when Im done bet I top everyones list/ Who got da greatest spit?
Band/artist history
Well to start off I am from Monroe Louisiana a city in Northeast Louisiana thats pretty much like the rest of Louisiana really corrupt. Born in 1978 I first began making words rhyme as a child and pretty much just did it to pass my time on up to adolesence. Not wanting to be in the spotlight I began writing poetry and pretty much just kept it to myself for most of my early twenties. Concentrating on mostly building myself as a speaker rather than a artist got kinda old and didn't pay bills. When my son was born I looked in his face and knew something had to change in my life and when my daughter was born I was forced to make the change at that moment. Having access to recording equipment I began adapting my style to the mic. Still pretty raw but built to last I recorded my first song but the crew I was with didn't like the fact I wouldn't just ghost write and had the voice to make a stand. They forced me to make my own path and left me alone to fend for self. Which brings us up to today. I now have ties with many of the local labels and have been offered various positions. Guess I'm kinda used to doing it solo because I'm still making my own moves, but am open to the chance to sign the right deal. I've worked hard for the fans I do have and am growing in fame with each day. So I would like to take the time out to say thank you to all the people that love my music and are keeping track of my progress musically and as a man. To my hataz keep driving me. Thank the Lord I have you to motavate and initiate the "Rise Of The Son". For everyone else stay tuned this like your new favorite show the next episode will be well worth the wait. Stay up and Holla Back 1 Yours Truly Demagog D'Hogg The Life and Times Of Demagog D'Hogg volume 1 I am Demagog D'Hogg a lyricsit/poet with the title of being an underground hip hop sensation at this point in my career. Been a long almost 2 years since I started rapping for real. My growth has been nice but its kinda funny when you wear a mask. I mean people actually walk right past me and I never have felt truly famous. Even though I have many big name friends and associates since my identity is hidden I have only the everyday troubles of a man. Yea I be working alot trying to promote but most of it comes from behind a computer so its anonymous. I have finally completed my mask and am ready to perform on stage. (So people email me at demagog.dhog@yahoo.com if you want to talk buisness then we will exchange numbers) With so many accomplishments under my belt like my affect on music and the web (namely MySpace) I wonder sometimes how much longer it can be before I can get the product to the masses. I'm just waiting on the right situation for me since I have so much mystery around me I gotta have the right situation. My first album will be dropping soon people the maxi single is out so download your copy of it from SoundClick.com/Demagog or any of the store links I put up. (Your support is apprechiated) I just recently started a web community and would love to see you there its http:DemagogzSty.ning.com Fa all ya'll who know me know "you know how I do" everybody that don't can Google me the name is Demagog: Demagog D'Hogg The Life and Times Of Demagog D'Hogg Vol. 2 http://DemagogzSty.ning.com myspace.com/DemagogDaHog http://groups.myspace.com/DemagogsHogs http://groups.myspace.com/DemgmagogsSty http://music.blackplanet.com/DemagogDHog www.blackplanet.com/GOG www.groups.blackplanet.com/DaSty http://www.soundclick.com/Demagog http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=594590 www.isound.com/Demagog http://www.nimbitmusic.com/DemagogDHog.1 http://amiestreet.com/users/Demagog http://www.hiphopdirectory.com/music/Demagog http://staump.com/Demagog http://www.friendster.com/affiliate.php# http://www.community.vibeverses.com/Demagog www.xanga.com/Demagog1 www.bebo.com/DemagogD http://www.demagog.streetcred.com/blocks/d/Demagog http://www.streetcred.com/clubs/Demagog http://www.eventful.com/Demagog http://www.Loud.com/Demagog
Have you performed in front of an audience?
If you wanna see ya boy on stage holla/ Need ya club hyped up holla/ Even do a show fa ya grandma's b day so holla/ Cause ya boy love this stage holla
Your musical influences
My life is music I remember all the way back to the Suga Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, The Fat Boys, and Marley Mall. The 90's lyricist from being socially aware to not caring about anything till I cared again, so much I had to grace the mic and embrace my craft. Demagog D'Hog is unlike anyother because to be a great you must change all that is around you. History will tell my story
What equipment do you use?
Whatever you got/ Imma spit em real hot/ Off tha top all I need is one free mic/ Long as Im heard I can rock da crowd all night/Make weak MC's run in shamefull fright/ Just flexin my might
Anything else?
Demagog da Hog is an institution in hisself yall/ Take dis second ta get a pause/ Comeon let me hear ya applause/ Ta ya mothballs / sittin over in da corna stankin up da whole place/ hope ya got heat in ya waist/ If not lets race/ Thank ya Carl Lewis dawg
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