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Prophecy (VS)
Prophecy (VS)
3 Tracks
Vicious Syndicate, Prophecy, hip hop, rap, R&B, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Canadian, underground
Music featured by Prophecy of the currently underground Vancouver area hip hop group known as Vicious Syndicate. Done as home recordings the sound quality is not at studio quality but the lyrical content surpasses the average level of mainstream hip hop today. Combining an element of Edmonton, Alberta style rap with the Vancouver style, Prophecy brings a new style and a fresh outlook to both the Vicious Syndicate team and the hip hop world.
Band/artist history
Vicious Syndicate traditionally started out as a group known as LMaC. This consisted of the artist now known as Xzuriel, the artist now known as Changes, and one other artist. Freestyling was really the extent that they ever went to. Then it evolved into Vicious 5. This group consisted of Xzuriel, Changes, myself(Prophecy), and two other artists. The two unnamed artists mentioned broke off from the group and the former Vicious 5 was left with three members. This is where the name Vicious Syndicate comes into effect. Starting as the group of 3(Xzuriel, Prophecy,& Changes), some recording was done but in time the group separated and the three originals became solo artists. In time, internal conflicts within the group were resolved and the group reunited but now with one more. A new artist known as Mista Mead. This is where we stand today. With Vicious Syndicate consisting of 4 rappers(one of which, Changes, who also sings R&B) and in time at least one female R&B singer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not yet began performing because I am still working on releasing my first CD but the time is coming soon and I will be posting up and coming concerts when the time comes.
Your musical influences
My main influences in hip hop most definitely lie in the West. Tupac, for his lyrical content. Dr Dre for his ability to make continuous platinum material. Xzibit for his voice and style, and Snoop Dogg for his musical genius. Many of the New York artists however also inspired me and influenced the artist I have become today. Notorious BIG, Mobb Deep, Lloyd Banks, Capone, Nas and Jay Z I all have a deep respect for not necessarily because of their success but because of their consistency to produce quality music and because of their dedication to doing what they have proven incredible at.
What equipment do you use?
Currently, about as ghetto as it gets. Windows Voice recorder and a taped up microphone piggybacked with an editing program that enables me to edit out the majority of the static.
Anything else?
This is purely practice material, not at all what I plan to release to the general public. This is simply just to give you an idea of what I am capable of and what I have the potential to do.
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