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Tim n Dave
Tim n Dave
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Acoustic flatpicking duo, via internet correspondence recording.
Tim n Dave are friends who live in different states (Oklahoma and Texas, at present). They are both flatpickers with similar tastes in acoustic guitar music. They have started recording some songs via correspondence, using Gmail and Audacity (recording program).
Band/artist history
Tim n Dave was born of correspondence on the Flatpick-L email list, and by meeting at the Woodward, OK Spring Bluegrass jam earlier this year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! We have played live together at the Woodward Bluegrass Jam Concert. We will probably play live together at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, too. Oh, and we also played live together at the Fire on the Strings festival in Conroe, TX. We would have played live together at the Santa Fe Bluegrass Festival, but I wussed out and Tim had to go by himself. Do we like it? Well, yeah. At least, I do, and I think Tim does.
Your musical influences
Tony Rice, Norman Blake, Doc Watson, Bryan Sutton David Grier, Steve Kaufman, Dan Crary, Brad Davis, and a brazilian other fine flatpickers.
What equipment do you use?
Tim uses (I think) a Samson USB mic and a Martin D-18 Vintage series (with sweet sunburst). I use a MXL condensor mic and a Martin D-28 (no sunburst).