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The Intervals
The Intervals
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Acoustic, three, four and occasional five piece band, unplugged rock and pop music from 50's through to latest releases
LATEST ALBUM!!! No Hot Ashes! What to do when you have such a talented group of people but only a limited amount of room on any given stage? That's never been a problem for 'The.....INTERVALS' but, if such a situation should occur, you can bet that they would take inspiration from the 'squad rotation system' instigated by the great Jose Mourinho. They could even take the bold step to move from a front three to a diamond four by bringing in the egg-and-bin based talents of 'Rod' sound-a-like, 'Croakin' Jones Bo. So, you can imagine, if Jimmy Swansa were to be indisposed due to a freak cricket injury, then Mr Ed. might be drafted in to provide matching shirt and shoes for TUNSFEST ... for example. And similarly, should Mr Ed's shirt and shoes combo be in the wash, then Jimmy could step back in to provide width and overlap for those late runs. (stagefright has a lot to answer for!) This latest collection of songs is taken from the world tour which began with 'Lisa's Do' (sold out), moved onto Sutton Cricket Club (holed out), Tunsfest (found out) and G+T's 50th (thrown out) and culminated in the smuggling in/out of Jimmy or Mr Ed during recording to build that sense of creative tension as Tweak's dining room was transformed into a scene reminiscent of a dining room with 4 blokes in it. As Tweaks put it ... 'Somebody open a window will you?' - Lee Van Learn (Blantyre 2013)
Band/artist history
Well - initially there were five.... ...that grew to seven for one memorable gig ...but eventually only three were left.... the core ....and then... this grew again....... The.....INTERVALS are, variously; Tweaks McCalliog - bass, mandolin, guitar, banjo and vocals Jimmy Swansa - guitar and vocals 'Croakin' Jones Bo - percussion (inc. bin) and vocals Mr Ed - guitar and vocals Joey Mumbles - bass, mandolin, guitar, harmonica and vocals
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We prefer to be 'live' when we play. It makes for better entertainment.
Your musical influences
Alcohol, reducing hours of daylight in winter months, 'My parents, especially my mum and dad' - Tweaks McC, and anyone carrying a big stick or speaking with the authority of the law
What equipment do you use?
Mainly our fingers and a range of wooden stuff that we like to call 'instruments'
Anything else?
The release date for any new music will depend on the parole board....
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