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Deav Farmer
13 Tracks
One-Man-Band, Original, Fresh, Rock, Gospel, Bluegrass
Radio Blastin'
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Following Footsteps
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He Made It All (For You)
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Normal Again
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My band is me... I write and play and record everything.
Band/artist history
I have played in bands for many years... Motown, Disco, Rock, Country, Country Rock, Bluegrass, Texas Swing, Southern Gospel... just to name a few. Most were strictly cover bands. I have also sung in many choruses and choirs over the years. Today I pull from all my resources, as they are what have made me what I yam.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the current time I do not play solo, however, my REAL BAND R-JET has a band page here on SoundClick [see soundclick.com/rjet] I do play locally in a cover band- Fifty/50 [see thefifty50band.com] and accompany a Southern Gospel Quartet- The Trinity Laymen on acoustic bass [along with a fine piano player].
Your musical influences
It all started with the Beatles, the Kinks and the Rolling Stones. I was a young, misguided lad pursuing interests in the trumpet and then tuba [yes, I was a concert band nerd]. Listening to the afore mentioned bands I decided to radically change my musical path. Dad bought me a Danelectro Guitar & a Princeton [tweed] amp for Christmas- then early the next year our local musical instrument dealer convinced me that greater opporitunities (everybody plays guitar) for band work lay with bass players -so- I bought an Epiphone bass/Ampeg B-15N amp dealy and boned-up on Paul McCartney & Bill Wyman; Neil Young entered the picture a some time later [thanks Joey], then the Allman Brothers and ZZ Top and I was off cruising...
What equipment do you use?
Boss BR-1600 Digital Recording Studio PreSonus BlueTube Microphone Preamplifier ART MPA Gold Microphone Preamplifier Aguilar DB 900 Tube Direct Box AKG C 414B-ULS Microphone Baby Bottle [Blue] Microphone Neumann KMS-105 Microphone 93’ Gibson J-60CM [Montana Sp.Edition] Acoustic Guitar 04’ Gibson Les Paul Studio Model Electric Guitar 03’ Lakland 55-94 Classic Electric Bass Guitar 96’ Engelhardt M-1 Acoustic Up-right Bass Fiddle Fender Cyber-Twin Guitar Amplifier Casio CTK-531 Keyboard Yamaha DD-50 Digital Percussion Unit
Anything else?
I would like to thank my musical friends that I have known over the years who definitely made an impact on the musician I am today... Chip Crawford, Rick Price, Ben Runkle, Frankie Presnell, Terry Shippee, Marty Lawhon, Bruce Sauls, Billy Watkins, Gary Johnson, Ray Sheets, John Wheliss, Pretlow Winborne, Steve Seago, George Evans, Ricky Foxworth, Donnie Heaton, Austin Lewis, Tommy "Smutt" Williams, Joey Fulghum, Robert Starling, Harvey Irven Hicks, Bill Barnes, Craig Woolard, Charles Gowers, Belton Jones, Hal Lilly, Danny Belk, Landis Parrish, Jimmy Avery, Lee Venters, Steve Pilkington, Chris Williams, Mark Ritchie, CP [Chip] Robinson, George Carneal, Jerry Johnston, Kenneth Hopkins, Alfred Ward, Lee McCall, Rowland Boksleitner, Edward Nicholson and last but not least, Tobin Logan. I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ for all His blessings in life and allowing me to stay on this earth this long... Finally, I would like to dedicate this page to loving wife Ann and her mother Virginia, my sister Carol and my brother Robert, who we lost last year [2005] just before Thanksgiving.
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