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MC E mix fqmc
Family Quest, the original hip hop crew of the UK, E-mix/E=mix E=Mc2 all point to the Me. House, Hip hop, Dance, Rap, Reggae, music is our potion, One Love is o
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Song Of Love
Unfinished, Live recording
I am a Vocalist, come Lyrisit stroke Producer, Living in london, Self named the area i live in as Easytown Islington. My Name E=mix has had a great history, in the Club Scene, Here in London African Centre, 1986/90 (London) I was a highly respected proformer, on the UK Club scene. supporting many acts. from the likes of, Jazzy B & the Soul II Soul Crew, PLus the Main Proformer at their Showcase which launch them into the main stream. Including writing thier second track (Feel Free) proformed by the Late Doreen. Also e=mix has supported such act's via writing for S'xpress, Featuering on recordings for, Supporting: Jolly Roger,(UK)Why Can't we Live Together. Mars,(UK) Pump Up The Volume. (US Mix) 7th District Inc,(Austria)The Bottle. Plus many other collabaratiions, In the beginning E=mix was a founder member of the Family Quest, Some called them the Daddy of british Hip Hop, being one of the first recognised Rap Crew/artist to break throw, there were others around @ the same time such as the Capital Boy, City Limits Crew, others were to come into the light, were to develop and form due to the like of these british born but long forgotten entities, that were for runners in the own right. Lime light. Wri
Band/artist history
1981-2006 From the Like of A Sound System: Jah'Africa. to the Reggae band Ressesion Steppers, A.K.A Damaged Youth. The move was made & the family Quest was born. E=mix, Mystri MC, Cheeko MC, Dirty Harry and the Silent beats master Tony B of Hard roots (http://www.Hardroots.com) Where we were to make the biggest inpact becoming recognise on the world stage. also proforming at the BIGGEST HIP HOP EVENT EVER! Held in the UK (UK FRESH 86) the only uk artist to break the mold at that time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I Live in London, and play many of the main stream clubs, to the small and private affairs, Plus assoiation with Juice UK radio Station 102.5 on your Fm Dial.
Your musical influences
Music is my main influence then there are Artist that make music that I have enjoyed and meant so much to me. from Marvin Gay 2 Bob Marley, & Dennis Brown, Jackie Edward, Sam Cook, Luther Vandross, Tina Marie (u r my Starchild Girl) all the way to Billy ray Martin, to whom I was to have the pleaure to meet and forge a great kindred link, it's Deep. I can go on as, Music is my Santuary Music Is my life! I will leave it there
What equipment do you use?
My voice box, Cubase. I use theem all too, a microphone a speacker Box but most of all You.
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