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Brother Jackson
Brother Jackson
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Brother Jackson is a Shouthern Gospel Rap Artist. Ministering the Word of God through music and spoken word.
Brother Jackson's Thug Transition Trilogy is filled with positive energy and focuses on turning a negative lifestyle into one that reflects that of Christ. Volume 1 emphasizes maintaining healthy family relationships through prayer and Gods Word while avoiding the false trappings of hustling and banging for a living. Christ willingness to forgive all sin can be heard throughout the entire CD encouraging those who listen to ask for forgiveness and believe they have it.
Band/artist history
Thug Transition took several years to complete and is a battle cry for God's soldiers seeking to recruit new Christian from dark places. The raw honesty in the lyrics ministers to young men 15 to 45 that have a street background but no longer wish to live for the streets.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I minister live. I minister in the Mid-South Region from Kansas to Texas as well as Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. I love to minister to souls through the power of the Holy Ghost. Every moment I am available to be obedient to Gods Will is special.
Your musical influences
Mahalia Jackson, anyone with Soul on TBN
What equipment do you use?
Mix Craft, Dell PC, Some Pro Studio, and the folks making it happen on sound click.
Anything else?
If you have someone that you are trying to reach for Christ but find that conventional methods have failed or you just want to enjoy Southern Gospel Rap try Thug Transition Volume 1 and be on the look out for Volumes 2 and 3 coming soon.
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