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Land of the Blind
tribal-trance duo uses live looping to take listeners on a journey creating one of a kind dreamtime soundscapes. Dead Can Dance killer femme vocals, driving d
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MONSTER...a little more
Tom Waits turns into a girl...pure electronica insanity with crashing toms, tin cans, big fat walking bass, swirling keys, didgeridu and a giant monster walking thru it all...
dark gothic brooding yet tribal, a good groove, a searing rip on commerialism as lifestyle, great vocals, hand drummers, chants and flute
THE BLIND is "ELECTRONIC SHAMANIC" Tribal Trance as in 100% organic world instruments over orginal native-earthy beats, layered up with live looping, and award winning killer Dead Can Dance type female vocals. NOT BAND NOT DJ, SOMETHING NEW & INBETWEEN! Trance as in "trancing out" not thumping old disco goa beats. Trip Hop as in slow, dreamy, tripped out.
Band/artist history
Cyoakha Grace- voice / keys / harmonium Cyo started LAND OF THE BLIND, the "Electronic Shamanic" international touring duo, produced three award-winning CD’s & plays all the major alternative festivals, from 7 years as an OREGON COUNTRY FAIR favorite, to 6 years performing to thousands at BURNING MAN, including being House Casbah Band for the EMBASSY, to the recent international ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL '06 (only 2 American acts chosen world-wide), Adelaide, Australia. The ground-breaking Blind (former members from SANTANA, Dan Reed Network, & THE HARRY PARTCH Ensemble) mixes World, Tribal, Trance and Dance. Cyo also sits in with SF’s “World-Fusion-Prog-Rock" band, AZIGZA, she toured internationally for 4 years to critical acclaim & 2 amazing CDs. Guest singer/musician with well-known San Francisco's favorite avant innovators, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, that recently opened for THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, as well as featured in the ILLUMINATED CORRIDOR PROJECT through-out the city, as well as several recordings with BCO. Cyo's amazing 3 octave voice & wild stage presence won her the awards- BEST OVERALL PERFORMER and BEST VOCALIST, in both categories at PROG FESTIVAL, N. Carolina, competing with 3 days of international bands! She has also won Young Composers awards from A.S.C.A.P., NY, for BLIND's CD "OUT OF CHAOS". She has recorded with many, from crazy comedy with Rhan Wilson of THOTH to sweet ballads. Chosen from avant female composers world-wide for currently releasing 2 CD compilation "Women Bring Back The Noise". Cyoakha & The Blind have shared stage with PATTI SMYTH, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, SKY CRIES MARY, CRITTERS BUGGIN', TRILLIAN GREEN, CHEMICAL BROTHERS, SCOTT HUCKABAY, LOST AT LAST, JOANNE RAND, KALI'S ANGELS, and international bands while on tour: WENDY RULE, SHOOGLENIFTY, ANKH, THE NECKS, SARS. Composer for the full length 96 minute soundtrack of H.P. LOVECRAFT'S novel Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and her own release of the soundtrack, UNKNOWN MUSIC FROM KADATH, a GAMING special, as well as composing music for indie movies & tv. for more info on Cyoakha http://www.cyoakhagrace.com KRYSTOV Australian didjeridu, Indian sitar, Appalachan dulcimer Krystov is a member of the original Portland Blind, & can be heard on OUT OF CHAOS, the 2nd CD, and ORDINARY MAGIC, 3rd CD and 4th CD, EDGEWALKING BLIND, LIVE. He plays his own tribal style, non-traditional didj, for over 8 years, has studied with West Coast Didj Master - Stephen Kent, as well as the sitar, studying with Mark Deutsche (SF). He also plays the Appalachian lap dulcimer, but in a Celtic picking style instead of strumming, which adds a wonderful Folk element to Blind's new trance feels. You can hear more of Krystov as he was chosen from among the best didj players for "Didj Planet 3"with a special didj mix of TRIBE from OM. He was so well recieved in Australia, home of the didj, he feels blessed. Aussie fans said "we can't believe a Yank can play so damn great!" full bio www.landoftheblind.com Soundtrack/films
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Up and down the west coast, from Seattle/Portland/Eugene to San Fran & parts south Just back from a month long tour of Australia that was absolutely amazing. They went nuts for us, Krsytov, the didjeridu player was mobbed, as he plays very differently from either traditional didj players or the new disco barking style...we played sold out concerts and sold every album we shipped over. Not to mention it's a totally great country, still wild and beautiful and open.
Your musical influences
If Kate Bush married Jim Morrison I'd be their child. If Peter Gabriel was my godfather, I'd be happy, but only if Joni Mitchell was my godmother. If Tori sang lead over Massive Attack while Morcheeba jammed with Mouth Music, it'd come close. Meanwhile, an old native elder sits drumming and humming in the background of all that, keeping it clear, keeping it real, keeping the magic for the mother...a soundtrack the above scenes would be Land of the Blind music.
What equipment do you use?
vocal effects/digitec/2 mics/planet earth/keys/mackie board/fostex digital workstation/4 channel repeater looper/flutes/harmonium/drums/didjeridus & the amazing human voice
Anything else?
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