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Gardens Of Hiroshima
Gardens Of Hiroshima
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metalcore, metal, melodic, croatia, punk, hardcore, zagreb
Her Eyes Are Graves
Peak position #91
New Paths To Freedom
Peak in sub-genre #26
Beneath The Valley Of FlyingDemons
Peak in sub-genre #18
Mihael - vocals Robert - bassmaster general don Mandibola - drums Andrija - guitar
Band/artist history
Gardens of Hiroshima was formed in the year of 2005. in Zagreb, Croatia. Under the influence of melodic death metal and new school hardcore bands we started to make some music. From the band's beginning, there was a small line-up change: Jakov (Hidden Layer) was replaced by Andrija (NervousStand) before the first show, and since then the band had a constant line-up of members who are playing or have played in bands such as IGUT, NervousStand, Theysuck!, Things Fall Apart, Hidden Layer and Dig A Hole. We had our first gig in KSET, Zagreb while supporting Dead By Mistake. A few days later we played with The Plague Mass in The Vila Kiseljak Squat. So far we played with Hidden Layer, Theysuck!, The Plague Mass, XNueva EticaX, The Silver Shine, Dislike, Dolibasija, The Farewell Reason, Motivation, Hocu/Necu etc. Recently we recorded, mixed and mastered six songs for our first EP entitled "Choose Your Side". Recording engineer was our good friend Brankec from USUD and we recorded all songs in his band's garage. Mixing and mastering was all done by Ivan Jakic (Amok, Senata Fox, Ex-Nikad). One song will also be available on "No one dies alone 2" (Brand New Place Records) compilation, and the mentioned EP will soon be released DIY, so keep checking our profile for more news.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live anywhere were are summoned upon...
Your musical influences
At The Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder, Converge, Funeral For A Friend, The Haunted, In Flames...
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