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AcidVictim Records
AcidVictim Records
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AcidVictim Records is a DIY record label for metal, industrial, experimental and electronic music.
AcidVictim Records is a DIY record label that focuses on promotion and distribution. All artists who work with AcidVictim Records retain all rights to their songs and receive exclusive promotion. While primarily focused in the underground realms of music, such as metal, industrial, experimental and electronic genres, AcidVictim Records promotes their artists to a wide variety of magazines, fanzines, e-zines, internet radio stations and record labels. Those who want to know more about what we do and hear the bands weve been involved with, visit www.myspace.com/acidvictimrecords or email us at acidvictimrecords@hotmail.com.
Band/artist history
AcidVictim Records started up in 2004 as a hobby for yours truly, Evil Matt. Since then, it has grown into a much sought-after service in the underground metal and industrial communities. We offer something that no other label in the world offers. Not only do we promote your band to the best of our abilities, but we allow the artist to maintain all rights to their music. This combination is something that indie bands find quite appealing. To date we have released 8 albums, and there are 2 more in the works as we speak. Again, come to myspace.com/acidvictimrecords to find out more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our artists play live in their respective areas. Visit our MySpace page to learn more about our artists and where you can see them play.
Your musical influences
Metal, Industrial, Experimental and electronic music.
What equipment do you use?
A home computer and an array of helpful souls who also care enough about the underground music scene to help keep it alive.
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/acidvictimrecords acidvictimrecords@hotmail.com
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