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Lil Frosty
Lil Frosty
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My Time Chorus
My name is Raheem Bayless A.K.A Lil Frosty Just turned 21 in July yeah im still young, but im a rapper/producer/song writer, and belive me im good at every thing i do when it comes to music. Sorry peeps i dont have a song of me up here just yet but if you check some of my artist's out, you might catch me on there page on atleast one or two tracks. But im from Kinston NC. I moved to Cali a few years ago, to get started on my career in music. There is where i blazed a few mixtapes, and master the craft of making beats. Also i discovered the talents of my lil brother while i was there in Cali "Young Breeze" at the age of 10 the boy was too hot for his age, check him out on my friend list. About a year and so ago i joined up wit my boys and came together to make Cut'em Up Boyz, Which artists are Hot Rod, S.S, Me, and new and worked on artist Young A. Right now im located in South Tampa trying to make my mark here just as i did in Cali. If anyone is looking for a hot produced track, halla at me im very skilled at what i do, but let me also put this out here, my beats arent free so if your not willing to pay, please dont bother asking for my production. I have tons of beats, and still making new Flame ones as time passes. Any questions or wanting to do buisness here's my email lilfrosty_on_thin_ice@yahoo.com. I will work my prices wit what ever artist it all depends on the track you choose will determine the price but i try to keep it affortiable. Halla at your boy Frosty Cut'em Up Boyz Chop Chop Skeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UT'3M UP B0Y$ H0PP H0PP
Band/artist history
We all are from different States, Lil frosty and Young Breeze are brothers from Kinston North Carolina. Lil Frosty is a well known producer who made a name out in NC and Southern Cali as well. Very known wit his punchline and hard lyrics, with a bounce to his music. Young Breeze is a young rapper who been writing his own songs since the age of 10 being compared to major artist as Bow wow and Romeo. Very known for his youthful cocky punchline, and metophores. S.S is from Portland Oregon which is now located in Southern California. Known for his deep voice and ruggid style. Hot Rod is from Alabama who has alot of hit tracks under his belt. Known of them all as the commercial hit maker. Young A is from California as well, the newest member of the Click, a rapping Latino with alot of flavor. Everyone of these artists are solo potential. Heres a link to there pages if you wanna here there music. www.myspace.com/cutemupboyschopchop www.myspace.com/lilfrostybeats www.myspace.com/ybreeze www.myspace.com/cutemupboi www.myspace.com/cutemupboys
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah i did A few half time performances for the AND 1 Streetball cats a few years ago, also open up for Rob G in Houston Tx, Ed Hardy show in Dallas Tx, Open up for Rich Boi, Greg Street and Frank White in Alabama, and also the Dirty Boys in Taladegah Alabama
Your musical influences
Rap wise: Tu Pac, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Biggie, Rakim, and myself. Producing wise: Timberland, Dr. Dre, Lil Jon, Jazzy Pha, Mannie Fresh.
What equipment do you use?
Anything it doesnt matter if its a MPC Keyboard or just a computer with no hook up just a computer keyboard, ill make something happen.
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