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Dj Ruthless
Dj Ruthless
16 Tracks
I'm a DJ I play all genre's of music. I've djed weddings,parties,clubs,fundraisers,and bars. Book me today for your parties.
The Silence: Rob Hawk Feat. Dj Ruthless
Peak in sub-genre #77
Well I've been a DJ for 20 years. I started back in 1993 DJing in high school with my best friend. We called ourselves Mad Dog Entertainment. We did all our school dances. I formed Ruthless Entertainment back in 1998 after I graduated school and went on to DJ in some of the hottest clubs and bars in New York. I just started up my DJ business in Missouri.
Band/artist history
I started out as a dj in high school back in 1993 with my best friend. In 98 we both graduated and I went on to djing in bars and night clubs. I started off in a little bar called The Nutshell that was my very first paying gig. I became a known dj for my mixing of house club hip hop. I was then asked to dj in one of the hottest night clubs in Middletown NY by a family friend to replace the dj there who was going back to college that's when I picked up learning the turntables and really mixing beats with cd's. I was there for about 3 months and I went back to the Nutshell for a little bit when I was asked to be a fill in dj at a night club in the town I was living in called Michele's after dark. After they closed I went back to doing the mobile djing doing parties and weddings. Things got slow so I stepped away from djing for a while. Till I was asked in 2011 to come back and dj at the Nutshell and from there I moved out to Missouri and starting it back up again.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah I do DJ live in clubs, bars, weddings, parties, fundraisers. I love every minute of it getting the crowd going and packing a dance floor. When the crowd is having fun so am I. I've had a few special moments when I djed. I once had a girl ask me to marry her just for playing her song. True story.
Your musical influences
My passion with music started with my older brothers listening to old school hip hop and rock with them. But my dj influences are these dj's are personal close friends of mine. DJ Joey C, DJ V Smoove, DJ Robert Sigel, and DJ Chilly Chaz. My Celebrity DJ's are DJ Skribble, Funk Master Flex, DJ Bad Boy Bill, DJ Too Cool Chris, DJ Chris Karns A.K.A DJ Vajra , and DJ JayCeeOh
What equipment do you use?
Gemini cd players with dial pitch controls NewMark 4 channel Mixer Linearcitech amp and Ds 200 sound reanforcement speakers. That was my first system when I got the money. I'm currently getting the new Numark NS6 with Serato Itch.
Anything else?
If you like what you hear and want to book me for a gig in the Missouri area drop me a line on here, my email djmixakilla@yahoo.com or my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DjRussellRuthlessReynolds Thank You for stopping by
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