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The streets are always talking. The streets are where you go when you want to know what’s really hot. These days the streets are only taking about one thing, N.
NORTH OR NOTHIN The streets are always talking. The streets are where you go when you want to know whats really hot. These days the streets are only taking about one thing, N.O.N. What do they say about North or Nothin? N.O.N. has a unique style that blends the metaphors of Hova and Young Jeezy, the lyrical knowledge of 2-pac and KRS-1, and the energy and drive of T.I., and Eminem. These are big shoes to fill, but the two young MCs are definitely up to the challenge. The streets have spoken; the newest juggernauts of the rap game are on their grind, and on the rise. N.O.N. is two brothers, BIG J and Jim Bean. They were both born and raised on the north side of Toledo, Ohio. Growing up in the Lagrange/Stickney area, they were raised to the beats of the Fat Boys, Run DMC, Pac, and the Notorious B.I.G. Their street cds are devastating the competition. Currently they are recording their debut album, Northside Stories, which will feature several of the Midwests finest upcoming artists, including J-Bird, Latin Outlaw Click, Vanchino, and many more. N.O.N. got their start performing at countless house parties. Most recently they were crowned 107.3s battle of the beats champions two weeks in a row. With several upcoming shows, its a sure thing that their fan base is sure to grow. In addition to having an untouchable live performance, N.O.N. has been devastating the mixtape scene. They will be featured most recently on the Glass City All-Stars mixtape. When I write a song I dont just write it so that it just rhymes lyrically, I want you to have to sit back and really think about what Im saying. I think rappers these days are losing touch with reality and the way things really are in the street. I want people to hear my music and know Im down to earth, so when I do get in the game, I wont be a one hit wonder, Ill put out material thats is life changing. With my talents, I feel like with hard work I will be a household name.Jim Bean One of the things they enjoy most about the process is writing. Recording all of there material at Wildside Records, they love being in the studio vibing with new artists as well as DJ Zik. Currently having two albums worth of material already recorded, N.O.N. spends most of their time perfecting their craft in preparation for their album release. I hate most of the club music people are liking right now. I want every one of my lines to really mean something. I want to take rap back to the old school, where MCs had fun, and they where always teaching. Thats what I want to be, a teacher. BIG J In addition to having the musical talent that breeds longevity in the rap game, they also have the physical look needed for mainstream marketability. They wont stop there though; N.O.N. is in the process of establishing their own indie label. They also design album covers, artists websites, and have established Glass City Mixtapes. With so many weapons in their arsenal, North or Nothin will not stop until they are at the top of everyones list. For Booking or your out the trunk cd, call BIG J at 419-806-0252.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Like we said we just in the studio tryin to get our album together. We got our start doing countless house parties in our area. Most recently we won the juice's battle of the beats two weeks in a row.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Just a mike, DJ Zeke