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Mathew Pike
Mathew Pike
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...Many genre's rolled up into one amazing moment of fresh music, time and time again...
"PIkE" is essential the workings of one man, that man is Mathew Pike. While writing all the music, lyrics, and performing the vocals, he also plays all of these instruments on the recordings, Guitar, Bass, Keys, and if need be the Drums. He works with a well-known local drummer, Ryan Gaines when he doesn't record the drum tracks himself. All recordings at the pre-production are recorded at his home recording studio. All of the songs on this web-page as of now, are the pre-production home studio recordings. The feel of his music is heavy in emotion and melodic with explosive variating vocals that you can feel depths of your being and back...
Band/artist history
It all started in the summer of 1994 when I was first learning the drums and played in a band called "Killer Pizza"(a "Green Jello" rip-off group). In my early teens I was a drummer mostly, for many different original bands. Then in the ladder part of my teen years I switched to guitar and singing, having the need in my soul to write. As a guitarist, I co-formed a lame Korn/Limp Biscuit/Deftones style band when that music was first coming out. Coming to realization, I quit because, it was just a fad and a trend that I didn't want to be a part of anymore. During that fiasco I was also singing for a metal group with well-known guitarist Michael Hatalak(It Dies Today, DWS Studios), needless to say that didn't last either due to lack of band members. Easily enough, I went back to drums and did studio work/fill-in work over the years. I was in a number of cover bands throughout my music career as a guitarist, drummer or singer, but that wasn't the direction I wanted to go. My singer/songwriter story really first began in Okinawa, Japan in the year 2000. Where I concentrated on starting to write my own material, minus a few songs I wrote in high school. I was writing a lot of acoustic driven songs and fewer electric songs. Then I moved to San Diego, Ca in 2001 and really to came into my own as a songwriter/musician. My vocal prowess especially started to manifest itself into it's own being. I worked with different musicians from all over but, never fitting into their genre. I could only come to one conclusion, that I had to go solo with no help writing of any kind. Then I moved back to the homestead in NY in 2003 and worked with a lot of the different musicians, local bands, old acquaintances and tried to get my new album recorded. Moved to Cleveland, OH. for about three years and learned more about music that I would have ever imagined. I was being taught "Theory" and taking guitar lessons from my friend and band mate Michael Wilson(Abigail Williams, System Divide, Hespera, Embers to Ashes, Chikatilo, Fupascat, Return To Memory). I started listening to more intricate music than ever before and seeing myself unfold as a musician. I feel really privileged to have been surrounded by so many talented and generous musicians. Cleveland,OH. really is the Bethlehem of music. It was one of the best experiences of my life for music. Finally, on October 30th, 2006 I moved back to NY once again to try to fulfill my music career. I started playing drums for an indie rock band but, a few months later there seemed to be a shortage of bassists in the area. So, I sacrificially took the position of bassist to further the band's progress. I knowingly accepted for the fact that I already knew a fantastic drummer Ryan Gaines to fill my position. Not too much later the group recorded and published an EP, which I have writer's credits for registered through ASCAP. After a couple of years the band fell a part due to creative differences. Then I switched back to guitar and primarily concentrated on creating a well-written song. I was still in contact with Ryan Gaines so, him and I started working together on a new project with just the two of us. I wrote and recorded music for four songs with him and posted them on the internet. We were then contacted by a well-known local musician who liked the sound we had and wanted to start a full-on group. We met up and put together our ideas and a Sleaze-Rock band was formed In August 2008. In January 2009, we recorded a 3-song demo at DWS studios(Michael Hatalak of It Dies Today RIP & Judah Nero, formerly of Herod). Our sound was still young, but the demo we put out got a lot of recognition. Nine months after the demo was recorded we decided that it would be in our best interests to add a new singer to our group. That made it easier for the other guitarist and I to concentrate more on guitar parts and not be to concerned with the vocals. The new singer, another well-known local musician/singer, was exactly what the band thought it needed. The addition of said singer made our live shows even more explosive and our musical precision even sharper because, the anxiety of other guitarists double-duty was gone. On March 25th, 2010 the band didn't continue due to creative differences and now I am back to what I do best, my own original ideas. I am in the process of gathering old material and writing anew for my own solo record...Be patient, it will come!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do perform live solo acoustic shows but, not as a full band as of yet. Past bands that I was affiliated with did open for national acts such as"Cycle Of Pain", "Trust Company" and winning "Battle of the Bands" among others....I love playing live it's the only real reason why any musician would be a part of the life style that we live...
Your musical influences
I would say my biggest and most influence is Devin Townsend but, I have more influences than him. When it comes to the music aspect of my work acoustic and electric you will be able to detect a hint of Helmet, Pantera, The Devin Townsend Band, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Jeff Buckley, and Big Wreck. Now, as far as the vocal aspect goes you will be able detect a hint of Devin Townsend, Chris Cornell, Phil Anselmo, Jeff Buckley, and Ian Thornley.
What equipment do you use?
"Ibanez" S-series 470BOL Customized, "Ibanez" AX-Series 7521 Customized, "Ibanez" RG560LR Customized, "Ibanez" RG5EX1 Customized, "Ibanez" RX240 Customized, "Ibanez" SR405, "Yamaha" AEX 500N, "Yamaha" FS-325, Five piece Candy Apple Red "Ludwig" "Vistalite", "Carvin" Legacy stack, "Boss" DD-5 Digital Delay pedal, "Morley" Little Alligator volume pedal, "Morley" Bad Horsie wah-wah pedal. I also have plenty of other gear that is really not worth mentioning...
Anything else?
If you want to hear some new, real, and fresh music that can relate to anyone well, then here it is. So, don't miss your chance to check out PIkE.
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