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Troublemaker Deluxo
Troublemaker Deluxo
5 Tracks
guitar rock, gritty, corner-bar ruckus, danceable
5 songs
TROUBLEMAKER DELUXO is raw, primal guitar rock with just the right amount of grit and slime and still smiles at you....... its the essence of the late night dive with the hippies playing until dawn and the beer flowing like the ocean and the horny women filling the rafters with their honey smiles and their mile long legs, causin' ruckus and mayhem in any way they can...... This is how rock started and it shall continue unfettered and unaffected by the many children it spawned of alternate reality.....
Band/artist history
we started..... we do stuff... we record... we play out..... we get slightly inebriated.... we play more... do more stuff.... and do it again the next day.... and the next week..... and the next month ..... and plan to take over the world with disinct tone, music and attitude.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
miami, florida, usa..... its okay.... not a big rock scene
Your musical influences
ac/dc, zz top, who, bowie, kiss, thoroughgood, costello, primus, aerosmith, led zeppelin, bill haley, santana, ll cool j, big daddy kane, coolio, spice girls, joan jett/runaways, elton john......
What equipment do you use?
cheap $15 Diasonic guitar, rebuilt V, Silvertone 4-pickup rick knockoff, takamini bass, rocktron intelliflex, crate amp, yamaha amp, marshall amp, marantz cd recorder, behringer mikes/compresser, fostex mixer
Anything else?
record analog to fostex 1/4"open reel tape recorder with AMPEX 499 extended range tape, master to cd pro deck; BBE enhanced; yamaha RY30 drum machine
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