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Mortality Curve
Mortality Curve
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drum and bass, jungle, electronica, beats, ambient, orchestra, hip-hop, drum machine, samples, sequencer, programming
Imagine an orchestra stuck in a room with a drummer on PCP and you are half way there - pushing my limits for your audio pleasure! Have been featured on the Electronica Monthly podcast (www.electronicamonthly.com) and life is good...
Band/artist history
Mortality Curve is Nikolas Badminton who has been writing and producing music for the past 15 years. He started out with a love of punk and british standards and formed the seminal Yeovil punk band Stool. This was short-lived but started the creative process. Following this - whilst at University -he started getting involved in DJing and music production and the whole Mo Wax/Ninja Tunes vibe really opened his mind towards complex rythms and layers of sound. From there he formed a 2-piece experiemental band in Bournemouth called e11even that fused The Grateful Dead influenced lead guitars with atonal Glenn Branca/Sonic Youth soundscapes and he also had his own radio show. It was during this time that Jungle developed and caught his imagination... Following University he started the w0b0t project and focussed on stripped down electronica and his music production became sporadic. In late 2005 he reinvigorated his direction and started producing music as MORTALITY CURVE...
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