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Rock Modern OldSchool Fun Energetic Meaningful Tastefully Over The Top Unique No BullShit Steak-n-Potatoes Rock-n-Roll with some salad. Potato Chips and TV and
What I Think of You
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Want Love
Peak in sub-genre #92
HOLIMOLI IS ABOUT TO BREAKOUT! Holimoli is hard at work on thier debut cd. John Cajigas and Bill Trotter being the founders are working on some high octane passionette songs which are getting rave revues by all listeners, even now in thier demo form!
Band/artist history
Worth telling, will be told, soon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every Saturday Night in NYC just off Times Square. Covers mostly the singalong type and great radiorock from the past to present. John also plays in another coverband which does 2-6 shows a month. Moments to remember are LEGION like the time the young lady caught on fire, the times people have gotten personal as in Public Displays of SEX, Deciphering drunks, ya know the usual romance drama comedy violence and bliss!
Your musical influences
Hogans Heros, I spy, Get Smart, Wild Wild West, Flipper, Apocalypse Now, Wizard of Oz, Evel Knievel, Bugs Bunny and the gang, Land of the Lost, The HoneyMooners, The Simpsons, The Adams Family & Munsters, Beatles, ACDCKISSALICERUSHMOZARTSKYNARDMILESFRAMPTONELVISROCKYHORRORNIRVANASTONES Prayer, Food, Sex, TV, Rollercoasters, Canoe Rides, Meditation, Hiking, Sleeping, Laughing and Peeing.
What equipment do you use?
The usual weapons of choice: Bass, Guitar and Drums.
Anything else?
Our Ultimate Goal is to write songs which Heal the mind thus the body will follow. To play these songs for Billions of people for dozens of years with our Farwell Show taking place in 2057 at the World Wide Collisium before 500,000 where for our final song we will ascend to source, transcend the ego and return to Full Awareness of Our Eternal Love!