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Rhythmic Bliss
Electronic Dance music. Driving electro bass breakbeats.Modern Techno Rhythims
14 songs
6.0K plays
Let me touch you
Hard Progressive Breaks
Slip 5
progressive Breaks
Electro Bass
Synthetic Delight
Electro Robotic Bass
Progressiv Breaks
5 songs
Rhythmic Bliss -Live PA- Intricate Drum beats and the simplicity of Bliss. The Future of Electro Bass is now!
Band/artist history
RHYTHMIC BLISS - Live PA - R-Bliss was Born into a musical family and raised in Florida. In early youth R-Bliss was influenced by early American Rap artist such as The BeastieBoys and Egyptian Lover and British electronic bands such as Depeshmode and The Cure.In the early 90's Industrial began to sweep through America. Durring this time R-Bliss was introduced to Nine Inch Nails with their hard hiting drum machines and screeching synths. When not practicing his drum leasons R-Bliss would enjoy toying around on his fathers keybords in the house studio. Around this time the underground dance world was beging to hit R-Bliss's local area. At this time with collaberators Rhythmic Bliss started a production company in which he organized and promoted numerous underground dance events.In the mid-90's with the passing of Rhythmic Bliss's father R-Bliss inherrited a small collection of his fathers equipment. Here R-Bliss began to create his own dance music. Around late 1998-early 1999 R-Bliss was ready to share his music with the dance world. Turning to several of his Friends in the Industry for help R-Bliss Set out to get picked up by one of the many Florida break beat labels.R-Bliss's first release was "Appetite" on FunkLab records in late 1999. From the release of his first record up to 2003 Rhythmic Bliss released several records on various labels such as (FunkLab , Kaleidoscope , Solution , D-Style , Ultra Lush and Funk Wax. From 2003 to 2006 Rhythmic Bliss has been away from his music career, off on other adventures. He now returns with new music and a new look on the world of dance music and its future.... (JPM-2006)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I rarely dj.I most allways prefer to play live .Setting up my synth gear, drum machines and samplers is much more enjoyable than just bringing a dj bag to a club and playing my singles. I love the feeling I get when I watch people on the dance floor dancing to one of my tracks. That makes all the long writing and editing and recording hours worth it. One of my most special moments was a performanc I did where I opened up for dj Icey at a large dance event. After the show I was at a resturaunt eating with the promoter of the event and the performers including dj Icey. At some part of the meal dj Icey made a statement something to the effect that I had impressed him that night and that my music had a new sound that he liked.
Your musical influences
Egyptian Lover , Beastie Boys,Dj Icey, Pink Floyd ,the Cure ,Nine Inch Nails, the Orb, Orbital, Cyrus
What equipment do you use?
Alot of my new music is most with VST ( virtual Synths) inside my PC Dell Gen5 such as:Reaktor 5, MiniMoog V, Native Instruments Pro 53, Korg Legacy Collection to name a few. As far as external gear/hardware : Access Virus C , Korg Karma, microKorg, Akia MPC2000, oxygen8, makie mixers , Makie HR824 , ESI Wammi Rack 192.
Anything else?
All songs are written and produced for FreshBatch Records.com .Mastered at GK Labs.com
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