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Divine Truth
Divine Truth
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Gospel Quartet Group
Take It To Jesus
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He'll Make A Way
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Divine Truth was founded by Rev. Laramie Long after he returned home from his tour of duty in Iraq. During Rev. Long's tour of duty, God gave him a vision of a music ministry.The Lord blessed him with the name Divine Truth. Divine means God-like or being in the service of a deity;sacred. Truth is a moral and personal characteristic of God: He is "the God of Truth." Divine Truth isn't just a gospel quartet group, they are a ministry.
Band/artist history
Rev. Laramie Long, a young minister from Greensboro Alabama, founded Divine Truth in January 2005. Divine Truth is truly a music ministry after God's own heart. The Lord blessed Rev. Long with the gift of writing poetry and songs. During his deployment to Iraq, God gave Rev. Long a vision of a music ministry. It wasn't just any music ministry, but it was a ministry designed by God. It all started after Rev. Long returned from his tour of duty in Iraq. Rev. Long was so eager to begin the work God had given him to do. The only problem was, he didn't have any group members. Rev. Long knew plenty of people that could sing, but each person he wanted to go to, wasn't in God's plan for the music ministry. Rev. Long went to an old friend Willie Williams and told him of God's vision and Willie stepped on board. Rev. Long was later introduced to a young minister by the name Jemiah Keebler. Jemiah played the keyboard and he could also sing. Rev. Long still had a shortage of group members. Rev. Longs' friend Marcus Powell, who also was deployed in Iraq with him, came to the group to play the drums. Rev. Long later ran into an old friend from another gospel group. Her name is Angelia King. Rev. Long told Angelia about his vision and asked for her help in finding two more group members. About two weeks went by and Angelia called Rev. Long and told him that she would love to be a part of Divine Truth. Shortly after that, God blessed us with Patricia Hopkins. In January of 2005, Divine Truth went in the studio to do a demo which was entitled Count It All Joy. After the demo was released, the Lord blessed Divine Truth to sing for the first time in Atlanta in a gospel concert in February of 2005. God really moved in that service and allowed Divine Truth to minister through music and song. After a while, Willie left the group because of job conflicts and Rev. Long, Angela, Patricia, Jemiah, and Marcus were left to carry on the vision. Divine Truth continued to carry out God's will. The Lord blessed Divine Truth to minister in Atlanta, Mississippi, and New York. God was really dealing with Divine Truth and the group began to grow spiritually. In August 2005, Jemiah left the group to go to college. We wished him the best and prayed that God will continue to use him. Rev. Long began to pray that God would send a member that is after His own heart. Rev. Long called an old high school friend by the name of Kimberly Hill Sample. Rev. Long told Kim about the vision God had given him and he knew that she had a love for singing and for God. Kim was willing to come and be a part of Divine Truth. Shortly after Kim came to the group, the group began to grow stronger in many ways. Rev. Long told Divine Truth that it was time to start on the groups' first album. In October 2005, Divine Truth began preparing for the studio. On December 26, 2005, Jesus and Divine Truth went into the studio to record the album entitled THE EXPERIENCE. The title was truly God sent because the album tells the story of Rev. Long and Marcus tour of duty in Iraq and also experiences Divine Truth encountered together as a group. On February 19, 2006, Divine Truth celebrated their 1st Anniversary and the Album Release. This day was truly a blessing in itself. It was truly a life changing experience for Divine Truth and for the people that came out to be a part of the special occasion.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Anywhere we are invited. We love it. Every opportunity we have to glorify God's name is a special moment.
Your musical influences
My musical influences started with groups around my area. The Legendary Five Gospel Singers of Greensboro, Alabama, The Legendary Poole Brothers, The Legendary Silver Voices, The Legendary E&B Tubb Singers, The Late Rev. Hayward Petty, Rev. Calvin Johnson, The Blair Family of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Harvey Watkins and the Cantons, and my vision influence me not to limit my gifts.
What equipment do you use?
Mackie CFX 20 Mixer QSC 1850 amp Yamaha P7000S amp Yamaha speakers (Subs and Monitors) Peavy BW 18s 2 Behringer B300 powered subs/monitors
Anything else?
Divine Truth would love to come to your church or any place you invite us to come and minister. If you haven't purchased our album The Experience, you can get it at www.cdbaby.com/divinetruth and at www.divinetruthllc.com. Everyone needs to experience The Experience.