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Yo Jesse
Yo Jesse
3 Tracks
our band is dan sarah and jesse. we want to take over the world. influence creativity in everyone. we are genre sluts, not really fitting into any of the categorys listed because ever song is completely different from the one before.. we use alot of electronics mixed with actual live percussion we are all ambiinstrumental... switching many times thoughout the show... we have been working on our full length for the past year and a half under our producer alan labiner.. we record all over nyc wherever we know someone and can get in for cheap or nothing. its worth the wait everything sounds amazing
Band/artist history
got together in 2003 and made a million recordings,(maybe like 25 or so..) we released them all on one cd as a free hand out, then we made a 6 song ep "sounds built by supressing commonalities" we sold out of that and began working on our full length "the third rotation" to be released hopefully around christmas of this year
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we play everywhere and any where we had a steady gig at the funky phish in long island until the owner dicked us out of a lot of money and i think jesses banned
Your musical influences
radiohead rusted root squarepusher keller williams
What equipment do you use?
lots of pedals and things that make weird noises
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/yojesse go here to hear. we update this all the time
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