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Mathew S
Mathew S
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A solo effort here. All sorts. Blues, Rock, Jazz, bit Country too sometimes. Experimental even. Not so much in the past but I grew up a bit.
01 A Walk in my Shoes.mp3
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I Wasn't Looking
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Battle of the Bottle
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I'm just a muso who is passionate about music. I love performing and writing and would do this full time if it paid the bills. (Dammed reality) I play Bass mainly but do a bit of playing around on guitar as well. I play live in two bands. Quadraphonic, which is a covers band with a few originals and Green Room which is a rock 70s style covers band. Great sound too. Then there is the studio side of my music. Gone WIld has released two albums, the second being a double album. I am also recording a solo album. This is a labour of love for me and when the studio is built I'll be getting back into it. Well, seems I forgot to update this, sorry... We now have a new house with a studio under it. I've recorded a five track CD with Boxcar Brown. Recorded a few more demo level songs which are getting ready for recording soon. Check the facebook page for Boxcar Brown... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boxcar-Brown/129782483753844 Should give you an idea of what we're like.
Band/artist history
I've played in a number of bands. Currently playing in Quadraphonic with Rob Smith and have formed another one. We finally came up with a name. Boxcar Brown. Cool band too. First two drummers didn't quite have their hearts in it. The third time lucky drummer has played with John and myself before with Dr Hoos Blues Band. Bit like getting the band back together. Looking forward to playing with Steve again.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No except with the bands I'm in. Doubt I'd have the courage to perform live and solo. I'm a bit shy.
Your musical influences
Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Delta Blues. I love slide guitar.
What equipment do you use?
Fender guitars and basses Behringer bass 300W head. 2x10" and 1 x 15" bass cabs fx and some acoustics. Johnson single cone steel body resonator.
Anything else?
Well yes. I didn't have a platform to share my music untill Soundclick. (thanks guys) Now I have a few efforts out there http://www.soundclick.com/drhoos and I feel great about it. Quite the good feeling knowing someone out there enjoys what I do. There is also an album out that has made me a happy lad. GONE WILD is a rock band that you might like to check out. www.myspace.com/gonewildnz I'd love to know what you think. We have now finished a second album. GONE WILD II. A double album. Now that's done I'll be working full time (sort of) on my solo effort. The title is "Solo & Friends - A Walk in my Shoes". Boxcar Brown ground to a halt when the drummer moved to Wellington and one of the guitarists got sick. Pity, BB was a great originals band. Have a new band called Green Room. Played twice now to great reviews. Getting some bookings coming in too. Eventually will be adding some originals in there, Already have one ready to start learning.
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