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Diamond Bezel Productions
Diamond Bezel Productions
117 Tracks
NEED BEATS?? CONTACT ME!! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! CrossGEntLLC@gmail.com Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Diamond Bezel Productions. A Production team that consists of one member "Diamond Lex". The founder of Cross G Entertainment, LLC, started writing lyrics and recording at age 7, started venturing into producing beats at age 12. Now at age 30, he has worked with over 30+ Local and International artists production-wise and has been producing beats for 18+ years. Started off making beats from Magix Music Maker on the computer, then Playstation made their first music program called MTV Music Generator and as soon as Fruity Loops appeared, he latched onto that program. Growing up, videogames have had a big influence on his creativity, so much that he uses alot of samples from video game soundtracks and samples from all of the different systems. Growing up with a diverse ear, his creativity to blend hip-hop, r&b, alternative, trance, & new-age, all into his own sound, helped him to create a wide range of beats to select from. Blending old school with the new school, you're more than likely to find the right beat for your next album or mixtape, whether you're a Hip Hop Head or a New Age Rapper! Very Professional and Very Creative. What More Could You Ask For? New Beats Uploaded Every Week! CrossGEntLLC@GMAIL.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DIAMONDLEX WWW.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/DIAMONDLEX *************************************************************************** ALL BEATS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT LAWS! ANY INSTRUMENTALS USED WITHOUT PROPER AGREEMENTS WILL RESULT INTO LEGAL ACTIONS! THANKS AND ENJOY! *************************************************************************** Free D/L Policy - Downloads are to be used for listening purposes only. - Release of any material on any of the beats without proper agreements will result in copyright infringement. - MAY NOT be used for Albums/Mixtapes/Music Sites/Social Networks/YouTube/Shows/Radio - Wanna be Safe Using The Beats?? Purchase a Lease To Get You Started. Lease Policy Wanna Try Out A Beat And See If It's The One? Lease It! -$50 - Tagged MP3 (1 tag) - Can SELL only 2000 units - May Be Used On Mixtapes/Music Sites/Social Networks/YouTube/Shows - Leasing The Beat Does Not Mean You Own The Beat! - Credit MUST be Given to Diamond Lex Exclusive Rights Policy Think You Have A Sure Hit? Keep The Beat For Yourself! Put It On Your Album/Mixtape! - $100 - UNTAGGED 320 KBPS MP3/WAV (no voice tags) - Unlimited COMMERCIAL/PROFITABLE use. - DISTRIBUTE unlimited copies. - For SHOWS/PERFORMANCES/MIXTAPES/RADIO & ALBUMS - CREDIT must be given to Diamond Lex *After purchase, a contract will shortly follow in your email. After signature is emailed/faxed back, your beat will be sent tracked out in any audio form you wish to have it. CONTACT INFO: LEX CrossGEntLLC@gmail.com SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.... NEED YOUR ALBUM PRODUCED?? 10 TRACK ALBUM ALL PRODUCED BY DIAMOND BEZEL PRODUCTIONS $500!! ALL EXCLUSIVES! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN, ONCE THE RESPONSE PICKS UP, SO WILL THE PRICES! MUCH LOVE!!! NEW BEATS POSTED EVERY WEEK! KEEP UP WITH THE NEW ERA OF HIP HOP & RnB!
Band/artist history
Ive been producing beats since I was 12, I'm 29 now, so 17 years. I started making beats off of the program Magix Music Maker, then transitioned to the playstation with the game called MTV Music Generator. Then after the few versions of that came, I was finally introduced to Fruity Loops (First Edition). Ever since then, I've stuck with Fruity Loops and still do til this day. I play the piano by ear and use the keyboard to make alot of melodies to the beats, unless its a sampled beat. Ive developed a universal ear for listening and creating good music from all ranges of music such as; dance, house, techno, to r&b and hip hop. I'm very experienced at making any kind of beat. If you're looking for a particular style that you don't hear in the selections just let me know, I make custom beats too. Just hit me up anytime. Serious Inquiries Only. Thanks
Your musical influences
Neptunes, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Dre, Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Battlecat, and more.
What equipment do you use?
Playstation, Casio & Motif Keyboards, FL Studio 11
Anything else?
Contact Info Diamond Lex ------ Email: CrossGEntLLC@gmail.com Serious Inquiries Only!!!
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