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Lyrikal Arsonist H2O
Lyrikal Arsonist H2O
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I'm a cool, down to earth brutha always reaching for bigger and better in life.
Gary Thomaston AKA: Lyrikal Arsonist H2O Born Gary A. Thomaston, Lyrikal Arsonist H2O was raised in Atlanta, Georgia as an artist with creativity as his strongest suite. He is a firm believer that The People deserve Real Music. His name means Theres always Fire behind his music, yet he flows like Water. While attending Mays High School, he would draw crowds rapping during lunch. Fellow Students encouraged him to pursue music as his ultimate goal. Soon after, he formed a group with two of his collegues under the name Underdog Entertainment. Lyrikal Arsonist has been writing for over 10 years and began producing his own tracks in 2005. He has performed in various night clubs in Atlanta and participated in The All Star Talent Show at Clark Atlanta University. Ive been doing this a long time- and no matter what Im gonna grind. Real music deserves respect, he says. His presence is not limited to the entertainment industry. Im the type of person that thinks outside of the box, and I know that theres more than one way to turn my dreams to reality. I started a business to make my funds. You see, Im an artist out of my passion for music and the talent that Ive been blessed with. As you listen to his music, you will be intrigued by his enthusiasm and overall talent. His personality, knowledge, creativity, and versatility will prove to take him far in achieving his goals.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I've performed for various venues in Atlanta on behalf of Patchwerk Records, Crossover Records, and 2 High Studios.
Your musical influences
Bone Thugs, UGK, Tupac, etc. Most of the artist from "back-n-the-day". True artist that invested time, creativity, and originality into thier prjects.
What equipment do you use?
I produce my tracks on the Korg Triton.
Anything else?
Yeah Man, Thanx for checkin me out and keep the feedback commin'-Ya'll are my motivation. Peace
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