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Klaipeda, Lithuania
July 26, 2006
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EXEM is one of the famous electronic music group in Lithuania
Band/artist history
In 1992 Lithuania gets to know about EXEM from their first compositions “Aplankyk Memeli” (“Visit Memel”), “Tautos Jega Vienybeje” (“Nation’s Power In Unity”), “Who Killed Kennedy”, “Bugs Bunny Still Alive” and others. In 1993 EXEM overcomes crisis during which they are looking for new guides and forms to express themselves. In the beginning of 1994, new person Karolina appears. The fist official album “No Time” is recorded. EXEM style of music becomes more joyful, scenic show from “vampire’s circus” becomes cheerful disco style. The same year the band have concerts with well known groups CAPELLA and PLAVKA . The debut tape “No Time” is released by the famous Lithuania’s firm “Mega Records” In 1995, Karolina goes to study to the USA and leaves EXEM. On June, 1995, after the pause, EXEM enters in to the studio of “Stereo Base” and begins to record the second album “Atlanta”. On February, 1996, Matas and Kryzius produces the album “Suristi Viena Virve” (“Bound By One Rope”) for scandalous gangsta rap group UZI . Later this album is released by “Koja Recors”. For some time this album figures among the best selling albums. At the end of March 1996, new EXEM singles “Sirenos Rifuose” (“Sirens At Reefs”) and “Ausra Rytuose” (“Dawn In The East”) show up. The 1st of March 1996, the band signs the agreement with “Koja Recors” to release the new album. 16th of May 1996, the album “ATLANTA” sees the daylight. In spring of 1996, EXEM starts the negotiations with independent West record firm “FORMALDEHYDE RECORDS” to release the band’s songs in Europe. In 1997, the band releases the album “Stereo”. The cover of the album where is shown love between two women is shocking and attracts attention of many journalists. The same year duo is nominated for “Radiocentras” and “Bravo” awards as the best dance music band, the year’s best song and for the year’s best album. In 1998 Matas leaves for Germany and departures from the band. The works of the band stops for a while. In the end of 1999’s, Vilius Anceris the bets guitarist in west Lithuania is invited by Kryzius to join the band. After half a year fellows have new works to show for public. In 2000 the new album “Stereo’ is released. EXEM wins “Bravo” award for the best dance music album. The year 2002 again brings changes into the band. After Vilius Anceris departure the band is joined by Skirmantas Jutkonis who is fellow-champion of Kryzius. The band works very intensively in the studio in 2003. Fellows want to shock Lithuania with new sonorous and incredible musical decisions. They are looking for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Lithuanian ethnical music and modern electronic music synthesis. In 2004 the listeners hear the result new album “Origami”. This album gets very good critics’ appraisals. High sells of the album forces EXEM to set new tasks. In 2005 fellows decide to release the most commercial music album in the history of the band. Radio stations are reached by the firs singles “Vienisa Balta Ziema” (“Lonely White Winter”) and “Atmerk Man Akis” (“Open The Eyes”). In late Spring of 2006, “Muzikine Partija” releases the sixth band’s album “Chameleonai”. This album is best represented by these compositions “As Myliu Tave” (“I Love You”), “Visalaik Aukstyn”(“Always Up”), “Klaipeda 3006”. At present duo deejay in luxurious night-clubs of Lithuania. EXEM finds one more new sphere.
Your musical influences
Our favorite music groups/artists: Chemical Brothers, BT, Depeche Mode, FSOL, Crystal Method, Thievery Corporation, De-Phazz, Moby, Underworld, Transeglobal Underground,Photek, DJ Hell, Paul Oakenfold.
What equipment do you use?
PC Pentium III, Cubase SX, Acid Pro, Fuityloops, Soundforge. VST:Halion (virtual sampler), Sample Tank, Absynth, Pro5, Novation, Virtual Guitarist and other.
Anything else?
Discography: No Time (Mega Records) 1995 Atlanta (Koja Records) 1996 Stereo (Koja Records) 1997 Studio (Muzikos Partija) 2000 Origami (Intervid) 2004 Chameleonai (Muzikos Partija) 2006
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