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After Eternity
After Eternity
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After Eternity rocks for the Kingdom of Christ
Band/artist history
AFTER ETERNITY will be rockin together forever, and it all started at Camp Concern in the summer of 2006. Deep in the woods of Raccoon Creek State Park lies a cabin on the very outskirts of Village 1. Cabin 15 was the week-long home of three 14-year-old musicians who brought drums and guitars into this normally peaceful setting. In nearby Cabin 12, a 13-year-old singer found out about the loud stuff going on in Cabin 15. With the ultra-cool camp director's approval, the guys spent all of their free time in the cabin writing and playing rock music. Camp Concern is a Christian youth outreach, so the guys decided that their new band should sing about Christ and His impact on the world. At the camp's talent show, AFTER ETERNITY shared it's debut performance with all of the campers and counselors. The song "Media Control" was an instant hit with everybody at the show, so the guys decided to keep on writing, keep on practicing, and keep on performing their music long after the week at camp was over. With a calling to become "salt and light" in a world that desperately needs the love of Christ, AFTER ETERNITY is just getting started in their mission.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our first performance was at Camp Concern, secondary week, 2006, on the front porch of the mess hall.
Your musical influences
Jesus Christ
Anything else?
We want to thank our favorite camp director, Mickey Casey, for helping us start a life-long mission to change lives for Christ.