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Rosalee Moore
Rosalee Moore
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Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel Songwriter and Performing Artist
Little Blessings - Rosalee Moore
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Rosalee Moore is a Christian Music Artist and Songwriter who has a deep passion for the Lord. She believes God has given her each one of her songs and hopes they will touch the hearts of everyone who hears them. Gospel Music has been around for many, many years, and we believe it will continue to grow until Jesus returns. God uses gospel music to draw sinners to repentence. Each song tells a story and touches someone's heart.
Band/artist history
Rosalee Moore was born May 3, 1954. Her parent's names are George Lee and Rosella Fugate Moore. She was born and raised in Jackson, Kentucky. She has two brothers, Richard, nickname Ricky, who lives in Jackson, and Ova who lives in Florida, two sisters, Judy who lives in Jackson, and Mary Jane who lives in Somerset, Kentucky. She also has two sisters, Margaret Helen and Dorothy Mae who went to be with the Lord at a very early age. She married at the age of fifteen to Pearl Miller, Jr. They had a son, Earl. They were divorced within two years. She signed adoption papers and gave Earl to Junior's parents. She remarried at the age of nineteen to Bobby Ray Stacy. They also had a child, Sabrina and were divorced within a two year period. Rosalee had another son by Junior Miller whose name was Joseph (Joe). She remarried Bobby Stacy and they had a son whom they named Melvin after Bobby's grandfather. They divorced again within a four year period. She never remarried again. When her daughter, Sabrina was about two years old, she took an overdose of nerve pills. Rosalee was going to school at the time. Rosalee took her to the hospital but it was too late to pump her stomach so they transported her to a larger hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. There was a special nurse in the ambulance with her and about 11:00 pm the nurse told Rosalee that Sabrina had made a miraculous recovery. Now this was about the time that Rosalee's parents prayed before going to bed. Within three days her daughter was released from the hospital. Not long thereafter, Rosalee started serving the Lord. Even before she prayed, she knew what the Lord had called her to do. Rosalee wanted to sing and play the guitar. Irene Johnson, a very special lady, sister, and friend in the church showed her how to place the chords with the songs, the rest God gave to her. Irene and her family have been a great help to Rosalee and her family over the years. She really does appreciate them. Rosalee was raised in a christian home. Her dad played lead guitar and sang in church. Rosalee followed in his footsteps. He had a massive heart attack in February, 1984. Even the doctors didn't know if he was going to survive it. The people in Rosalee's home church were praying for him. Her dad got better and came home. A year later, he went to be with the Lord, ironically, it was on February 18, 1985. God had spared her dad for another year. Her mom is still alive and is still serving the Lord. She is in her early seventy's. Shortly after Rosalee's dad died, she began writing songs for the Lord. She has written nearly a hundred songs. She thanks God for each one of her songs. She says we can do nothing without Him but with Him ALL things are possible.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Churches, festivals, fairs, and any other place where God leads me. Very much, would love to sing at more venues. ALL of them are special.
Your musical influences
George Lee Moore, (my dad), and all gospel singers throughout the world.
What equipment do you use?
Mainly guitar, sometimes a backup soundtrack cd.
Anything else?
The Story Behind "Little Blessings" On August 23, 2000, my son, Joe left his grandmother's house to take a friend, Paul to work. While enroute to his friends jobsite, they were hit by a drunk driver. Joe and Paul died instantly. The young man that hit them escaped with a few bruises. There was a trial and he went to prison. He was sentenced to ten years on each life that was lost, however, in four years he goes before the Parole Board and he could be released from prison. Four years is not much time for taking lives. Two weeks after Joe's death, my daughter found out she was pregnant. On April 26, 2001, Josolyn Snow was born. God had given us this little baby girl to help us get through the ordeal of losing Joe. My grandson, Dustin also helped me a great deal. All of my children and grandchildren are my little blessings. I thank God for each one of them. Losing a child is a hard thing to bear, but I know that God had a reason for letting it happen and I believe I will see Joe again. Tragedy happens when we least expect it. But, if we will trust God, He will see us through all of our trials no matter how big or how small they may be. This is the story behind "Little Blessings" and I hope it will touch your hearts, it truly has mine. I thank God for this song.