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Sherman Austin
Sherman Austin
2 Tracks
harcore revolutionary hip hop straight from the cell blocks as a political prisoner whome the state tried to assasinate.
Sherman Austin is all that you hear. One man army. Beats, Production, flows, and style. Bringin that hardcore west coast gangster feel with a black panther revolutionary deal. "like a trigger finger on your brain waves" only to take care of what's already necessary.
Band/artist history
drummer, bassist, MC, producer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sherman performs anywhere, anytime. He also raps and plays the bass at the same time.
What equipment do you use?
sherman doesn't use any computers. so he has a Yamaha recording work station , a KORG sampler, and a Midiman keyboard. All linked together through MIDI. He mixes his bass lines down with a live bass to get that thick bump.
Anything else?
Sherman Austin used to be the webmaster of Raisethefist.com. He is the founder of the Raise the Fist direct action network. The FBI set him up and fabricated statements to get him locked up in federl prison for a year with 3 years probation where he cannot touch a computer. He was initially facing 20+ years under terrorism. Sherman was convicted under USC.18. Distribution of information related to explosives or weapons of mass destruction. But he didn't do this. Another person did on another site Sherman simply had a link to. Instead of going after the white boy who actually authored the information on explosives the feds went after Sherman. His home was raided by 25 heavily armed FBI and Secret Service agents from the L.A Joint-terror task force , armed with shot guns, and sub-machine guns. He was interrogated and had all of his computer equipment seized including the raisethefist.com servers. 2 weeks later the FBI arrested him in New York and placed him in a 24 hour maximum security lockdown federal prison cell. His closest neighbors on the cell block were those convicted of the U.S.S Cole bombings and U.S Embasy bombings in Keny. Sherman was only 18. He was released 2 weeks later. After 6 months the FBI visited the white boy who created the web site that contained information on how to build explosives. The FBI confirmed that it was indeed this white boy who authorized the info on explosives and posted it to the internet. The FBI left. They fabricated documents saying Sherman admitted to authoring, implementing, and creating the web site. Sherman was railroded. When he resisted a plea from federal prosecuters he was threatend with 20+ years in federal prison under a terrorism enhancement. Sherman was convicted to a year on August 4th, 2003 and was ordered to self surrender to the U.S marshals in 30 days. Sherman went in when he was 20 and came out when he was 21. Since he could no longer touch computers, and given his experiance, he used music (what he's been doing since 9 years of age) to continue communicating his message.