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After picking up a guitar in december 2000, Logan had visions of starting a band and making music. He began playing on a nylon string acoustic of his sisters
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Here is a place where you can open your mind to various forms of music. From classical, to alien abductions, to tribal demon summoning. I hope you all enjoy
Band/artist history
After picking up a guitar in december 2000, Logan had visions of starting a band and making music. He began playing on a nylon string acoustic of his sisters, which led to him getting a rare 1976 Ibanez SG Custom. He jammed with a hip jazz band before he even knew how to play, but the players didn't mind his lack of experience and enjoyed fresh ideas not based on keys and specific chord changes, but feels and grooves. He enjoyed jamming so much he started a Jazz and Audio Engineering degree at Spokane Falls Community College. He was thrown into a place where the people had WAY more experience them him and they expected a lot so he had to learn quick. He excelled in theory and skipped ahead in those classes. He was put to the tests in commercial music, independent, funk, and jazz bands. He now can also be seen playing a rare Thor-esque Flying V, an 87' Japanese Westone Dimension IV In 2002 Lo-G, another guitar player also attending the SFCC music program, switched from playing the guitar to playing the bass. He played with some older classic rock guys jamming in a basement, as well as in a N.E.R.D. cover band. He is a funk player primarily now, laying it down on a Headless Washburn Series 1000 Status. Beginning in early 2001 Dj 1094n started making beats on Buzz, and the ancient Fruity Loops, as well as various other programs. Most of them sounded terrible so he stopped doing it. He then, also enrolled in the SFCC jazz and audio engineering degree and began learning the piano. He took a year of Piano, and then a year of intensive audio engineering courses. He engineered Planet Zen's sophomore album, as well as produced various tracks for Buc the Deadbeat. He has worked on music scores, commercial jingles, and various other arrangements. He now mainly deals with rap-esque beats, but dishes out classical songs, pop songs, and various other varieties as well. These 3 artists form to creat LoCal, or OmniLoCal, as they have been hailed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Without a drummer it leaves things... much more complicating. Oh how we miss Dom Paul - Guitarist and various percussion - Bassist and Rapping - 1337 Beats and arrangements - Rapping (when noted) - Singing and Beats(when noted) - percussion (when noted) - some guitars and vocals, and a few beats (when noted) - engineering and guitars (when noted)
Your musical influences
I like most anything really except for repetitive techno and sappy country
What equipment do you use?
Logan ----------------------------- -a rare 1976 Ibanez SG Custom -a Thor-esque flying V Westone Dimension IV -a red Westone Electra flying V TheLo-G ------------------------- Headless Washburn Series 1000 Status DJ 1094n(ten ninety foreign)- ---------------------------------- Acid Pro 6.0 Fruity Loops 6.0.8 Various Sound Samples
Anything else?
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Dr. Dre/50cent type Beat (Be My Witness)
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