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Waah Waah My Pussy Hurts
Waah Waah My Pussy Hurts
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Acoustic comedic emo.
The Real Deal With Orangutans(Shit In The Toilet)
Peak position #19
Cacophony In Green (She-Hulk, We Miss You)
Peak position #31
Waah Waah, My Pussy Hurts is a man 2 acoustical emo powerhouse. They are fueled by the two gods of emo: Seth and Connor. WWMPH has been playing live since 3/05 and since then have gathered a pretty steady fanbase with such favorites as: "The Real Deal With Orangutans South Of The Equator (Shit In The Toilet", "Keep That Rusty Butter Knife Away From My Johnson", and "Dirty Girl"
Band/artist history
A brief timeline: 3/4/05: WWMPH debuts ...("Shit In The Toilet)" at Rocky Horror, also the debut performance. 3/18/05: WWMPH films a live video for the song at Rocky Horror, it was eventually lost on the cutting room floor. 9/30/05: After an extended absense, and many thoughts that the joke was dead, WWMPH proves all the cynics wrong with the debut of perhaps the most popular song "Having Long Song Titles Makes Us Seem Like Prentious Jerks, Yet Also Makes Us Seem More Artistic, Poetic, and Obscure Than The Rest Of You Bitches (Keep That Rusty Butter Knife Away From My Johnson)" and also an emo-tastic cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" 2/17/06: Amazing! ANOTHER comeback show! This time the boys told 2 new tales of lost loves: The verenial disease ridden "Dirty Girl" and the lamenting of a lost superho "Cacophony In Green (She-Hulk, We Miss You) 7/15/06: Although it will fall into obscurity in the Waah Waah archives this date marked the THIRD comeback show (this time, from SPACE) when they performed in front of a small crowd at Brie-A-Palooza 2006, the title "An Intimate Evening With Waah Waah, My Pussy Hurts" was also later adopted.At this show, all of the previous material was revisited.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our home venue is at Rocky Horror in Aberdeen, NJ with the Friday Nite Specials cast (http://www.fridaynitespecials.com. We play live with any chance we get, we just did a gig at a fangirl's birthday party, for instance. We also play bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, funerals, your lame backyard show, your AWESOME backyard show, ribbon cutting ceremonies, retirement parties, weddings, and pretty much any event ever.
Your musical influences
If you listen closely to some of the songs you MAY hear hints of: Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Hawthorne Heights (gag), Bowling For Soup, Thursday, and many other of the emo heavyweights. Another influence would be Tenacious D.
Anything else?
Ladies and gentleman, start your razors.